How to Shoot More Photos Everyday

Dear friend,

To announce the exciting news of our upcoming brand-new product: ERIC KIM CASE, I wanted to write and share some tips on how you can shoot more photos everyday!

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First of all, realize that shooting photos isn’t just a fun hobby– it is your artistic lifeblood! Make it a priority to make photos; just how you would prioritize eating healthy, going to the gym, calling your grandmother, etc.

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Secondly, treat any and every event in your life as an opportunity to make photos!

For example, I recently went to the wedding of my buddy CHU VIET HA here in Vietnam, and I shot the wedding how I would shoot street photography — with layers, movement, gestures, and excitement!

Always make sure to bring along your camera to any event– whether a wedding, birthday, even a simple family dinner.

Third, make artistic portraits of your loved ones– whether your sister, mother, brother, father, grandfather; whoever!

Remember, you don’t need to travel to a faraway land to make good photos. Often just shooting your loved ones is the best! It gives you a chance to appreciate them more in life, to smile with them, dance with them, and to also give them nice portraits of themselves which they can probably put on their own Facebook or Instagram profile picture.


Fourth, fool around, and don’t take it too seriously. I like to make portraits of Cindy when we’re just playing and goofing around. I ask her to play with her hair, to smile, to move around her head, and we dance together when we’re shooting photos!


Another tip: ask your loved ones to also shoot photos of you, to make it more fun for all parties!

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Fifth, take photos while you’re on the way walking somewhere. And also, take photos while you’re literally walking! You don’t need to always stop before shooting a photo.

Nowadays I shoot with my Lumix G9 and have it always on my wrist with HENRI WRIST STRAP. I’ve discovered having my camera always around my wrist, I see more opportunities, and I shoot more!

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Sixth, ‘set it and forget it‘. This means shoot in the simplest mode: whether that be P (program) mode, or just auto mode (I’m currently shooting in Intelligent Auto mode on the Lumix).

This means you can shoot more and think/worry less about the technical settings. Because in photography, composition, framing, and shooting is more essential than perfecting your technical settings!

Seventh, shoot street portraits with permission! Interact with your subjects, and just ask to make a portrait of them. If they say no, that is fine. At best, they will say yes!

Eight, if you knew today were your last day on earth; wouldn’t you want to shoot photos of things which were personally interesting or meaningful to you? I call this photographic ‘memento mori’.

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