These are the components, which when bolted together form the basic two storey, load bearing HEXADOME shell. Refer to the list in the COSTS section for prices of models and options.

The Glencor HEXADOME building system is unmatched for simplicity, strength and ease of construction. Because the panels are factory assembled, your HEXADOME is a precise time saving package.

All panels are pre-drilled to accept bolts / nuts / washers, which means the basic shell can be assembled in just one day, depending on type of labour and organising details. On purchase of the components, a “Site Assembly Instruction Booklet” is supplied with all other documents.


Two sizes of Hexadome shells are available, in the following variations:

SERIES 32 – ( 9.9 m diameter, 6.077 m height ) – 1200mm risers
SERIES 32 – ( 9.9 m diameter, 6.377 m height ) – 1500mm risers
SERIES 36 – ( 11.1 m diameter, 6.686 m height ) – 1200mm risers
Prices are offered for the components that make up the basic shell, as detailed above and vary according to wind loading required for site conditions (Standard, Cyclonic/Seismic, Snowload).
Detailed Price Lists area available from the Glencor Office by Fax or Regular Post. Please feel free to call us to have one forwarded to you and to answer any questions you may have regarding the Hexadome.