Fuck fear,
don’t cower, like a deer
in the headlights

Stay bright.
Stay strong,
realize that you don’t have long
on this planet Earth.

Ashes to ashes,
and dirt to dirt
what are you worth?

Never doubt yourself
or feel fear
just steer clear
of the bullshit and the dark leers
of your peers.

You were put on this earth for a reason
to season
the minds
of others
your brothers
and sisters.

If you have a truth
shout it loud
don’t whisper

Have no fear
steel yourself with courage.

You’re Batman with the suit on
you’re Superman with the red and blue on
you’re Wolverine with the adamantine steel
None of your fears are fucking real.

Cut through false illusions of reality
it don’t matter your race, ethnicity, or nationality

Live life everyday like it were your last
Do you want to be 90 years old, on your deathbed saying:
“Man, I regret all those days that passed”?

do something that scares
the shit
out of you

Stay true to your inner-hue
whether black or white
whether yellow or red
whether brown or green
keep it clean
and keep shining
like an ultra-light beam.

Fuck fear and failure
that shit ain’t real
keep bouncing back like Mayweather

And no matter the weather
in life
keep fighting that strife
be strong
rub dirt into your scars
and stay strong
and keep singing the melody
of your own inner-song.