eric kim cubism - side by side laughing lady nyc


eric kim cubism - side by side laughing lady nyc

Frequently asked questions:

Questions about Equipment

I am thinking about buying a new camera, what camera or lens combination do you recommend?

Check out my “Street Photography Equipment Guide.”

What kind of film do you shoot with and recommend?

I currently shoot Kodak Tri-X 400 for my black and white work (I push it to 1600) and Kodak Portra 400 for my color work (which I don’t push). I recommend both for street photography.

What kind of film scanner do you recommend?

I recommend the Epson V700 (that does 35mm, medium-format films, and large-format films). If you only plan on doing 35mm film, I recommend the Plustek OpticFilm 7600I SE Film Scanner (which has the best 35mm scanning quality).

What kind of flash do you use and what flash/trigger do you recommend?

Currently I am using the Leica SF 20 on my camera hotshoe and don’t shoot much off-camera flash anymore.

What film camera/lens do you currently shoot with?

I currently shoot with a film Leica MP and a Leica 35mm f/2 Summicron ASPH lens.

What bag do you recommend for street photography?

I recommend the ThinkTank Retrospective 5 for your everyday bag for street photography. If you want to carry around an iPad or an 11” Macbook Air, I recommend the ThinkTank Retrospective 7 (what I am currently using).

Where do you get your film processed?

For my color film, I get them developed at Costco in the states (not all the Costco’s in America or abroad offer this service). For my black and white film, I either process it myself or get it developed in Asia (they do it for much cheaper). I usually get low-resolution black and white film scans done by the labs, and I scan full-resolution black and white scans myself with the Plustek 76000I SE Film Scanner.

Questions about Workshops

I am a student and cannot afford your workshop. Are there any student-discounts or scholarships available?

Yes I offer student discounts and scholarships for my workshops. If you want more information, send my manager Neil a message using the form below.

Questions about Street Photography

I’m a newbie to street photography and need some direction in terms of getting started. What do you recommend?

Make sure to check out my “Start Here” page which I compiled everything you will need to start off in street photography!

I would to get feedback/critique on my images, what do you think of my work?

To get feedback/critique on your images, post your image to the Streettogs Critique Group on Facebook. The rules are that for every 1 photograph you post, you have to give at least a 3-4 sentence critique to 3 others images in group (that posted before you).

I have a question about street photography in general, could you help me out?

If you have any questions about street photography, make sure to ask it on the Streettogs General Discussion Group on Facebook!

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