Dante Notes

CUL, Mac Pro, OS X, 10.6.8, Phase One P40, Capture One 7.1, Profoto Strobes, Schneider 80mm LS /f2.8, ColorChecker



Le vostre cose tutte hanno lor morte” (All things that you possess, possess their death).

Life like leaves on a tree.. one comes and one goes.

Primum Mobile… the first mover.

Present lives of miserable mortals.

Smaller with less.

Flames of your desire are quenched.


Curb my mortal passions.
Lifted my longing to its ardent limit.

My sight, becoming pure.

Penetrate the ray of light more deeply.

My vision fades almost completely.

Desire and will moved…

Love moves the sun.

Eternal light

Photography is birthed from the eternal light.


Old hunger is not sated

Tasted that peace

Joyous state.

Climbing with our eyes from valley to summit.

Gold flame.

Object of his burning fervor.

Gaze more ardently.

No place for sorrow, thirst, or hunger ***

Avoid sorrow, thirst, or hunger ….

No desire would dare to ask for more


Day by day… my virtue is advancing.

Advance my virtue everyday.

We must guide ourselves

Hunger so long… don’t find the food on earth?

Satisfy your burning longing.

Mind is dulled and smoky.

Much of the world is beneath your feet already

Fed to fill my need.

Like a star in heaven glows within me.

Hope is the anticipation of future glory?

Dont waste your life chasing little birds.

How to usefully use your life?

Desire to fly

How does gold taste?

Natural thirst which is never satisfied

Haste goaded me

Divine flame

The power that wills cannot do all things

Swift footed spirits

Infernal limbo .. border

Oh, cursed hunger of gold!


Go bravely on… like a vessel pushed by good wind.

Press Further Forward!

‘Sea so cruel’

Human spirit purge itself

Press farther further!

While we live on earth.., we can advance much!


Wings of desire

Purgatory… not sad with torments,,,but darkness only,,, sighs not wailing.

Maybe most humans today are living in purgatory not hell?


The horizon holds the day imprisoned

purgatory… those who could have helped more?

Sin through omission,,, What didn’t you do,,, what could you have done more of?

Limbo,.. “virtuous pagans”

How seldom human worth ascends branch to branch


‘Deplore the dying day’

Dolci note…sweet notes…sweet words


supernal… super natural?

gentile… genesis // I come into being



‘Greedy eyes’

Green wings



Read first… then read interpretations later?


Try to advance… but you actually retro (go backwards)

Backward goes he who toils most to advance


Vain: unsubstantial, meaningless… deceptive…leave abandon


Fame grows dim

Reputation color of gras… comes and goes…

‘Mortal frost’

It is our nature to soar high… fly high!

Dont fall because a little bit of wind!


Purgatory,l, extreme pity.

We have the power of flight,,, yet we willing fully close our eyes?

Virtue is like an enemy avoided

In life we should avoid the middle,,, Avoid purgatory. Better to be in hell or heaven? Not the in between place?


I am more hungering to be satisfied,,,

We are hungry,,, we keep eating,,, yet we’re not satisfied,,, we actually get hungrier?

We possess more,,, yet possess less?

Give vigor to thy feet.

Urge on the sluggards.

Darti,,,forza,.. piede..

Timidness in our breast

I am hungering to be satisfied

Glutton,… swallow. Too much food. Hankering,… glutton of information ?

What should we feed on?


The world is blind,… smoke.
Who moves you

What moves you?

Vigor of my legs

Too little vigor,,, problem

Love must be the seed of virtue in your heart.

Love all ***

Excel… excellence.

Grandezza… grandeu

The soul mobiles us,,, moves us.

Soul wakes us into action! ***

Soul is motion spiritual

Soul puts you into motion

Instinct… bee makes honey!

Creators, make your own honey ***

Innate within you is the power

We have free will ***


Fashion of a child playing

Excessive glare.

‘I am more hungering to be satisfied’

Disregard earthly things.

Eternal valor


Give vigor to thy feet.

Urge on the sluggards…


New thirst,,, still goads on.

A vision new… which bends itself to me?

Novel vision, which bends itself to me.

Don’t fasten eye on earthly things

Straighten thy legs.., and upward raise thee

Unquenched sponge

Wolf… hungering is deep, and never ending

Short span of life, which hurries onto the end.

Greedy sails

Peace to my hungering

Increase our love

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