Weekly Video Roundup: Review of the ThinkTank Retrospective 7, Preview of the Leica M Monochrom, and Review of Micro Lens Pouch

Published a bunch of videos to YouTube this week! Here is a weekly roundup of all of them in-case you missed any!

Thinktank Retrospective 7 Review

Had the chance to review the ThinkTank Retrospective 7, a fantastic bag for you street shooters using an iPad or a 11” Macbook Air (has a little slot in the bag!) Also my younger sister Anna guest stars in this video!

Link to the Retrospective 7

Read more to see all of the videos!

Stylish Video of the Stockholm Street Photography Workshop at Fotografiska by Brian Sparks

Huge thanks to my buddy Brian Sparks who put together this stylish video recap of my street photography workshop at Fotografiska, the Swedish museum of photography. Brian taught at the workshop alongside me, and I crashed at his pad for a week as well! Not only did he feed me well with food, but he gave me tons of great resources about photography books, history, and inspiration.

Check out my interview with him on the blog here.

Weekly Roundup: Interviews in Berlin, Sydney, and Photo Books Galore!

When I was hanging out with my buddy Brian Sparks in Stockholm, he gave me the idea of having a “weekly roundup” of content, videos, etc that you might have missed. I thought it was a fantastic idea, so here it is!

EyeEm Interview in Berlin

When I was in Berlin, had a chance to interview with the team over at EyeEm! Check out my spotlight on the EyeEm Blog.

5 Street Photography tips I mentioned in the video: 

  1. Always have your camera with you.
  2. Get close and don’t be sneaky about it.
  3. It’s better to shoot 10 minutes every day than 8 hours every weekend.
  4. Read as many photography books as you can.
  5. Spend less time on your computer.
Keep reading to check out all of the other videos and features!

Review of the Leica MP vs Leica M6: What’s the Difference?

Just got a mint (used) Leica MP from Bellamy in the mail and have been using it the last 3 weeks. I was using my Leica M6 for the last several months, but the M6 I had gave me some funky issues (my shutter would get stuck at around 22 shots – and it broke on 3 different occasions while traveling). Now I’m using the MP as my main camera, and the M6 as my backup camera while traveling.

The video above is my review of both cameras. In performance they are identical, although the MP has superior interior mechanics and is more reliable. There are also some cosmetic differences.

Interested in buying a film Leica rangefinder? If you haven’t tried it out yet, I’d recommend getting a Leica M6 and a 35mm Voightlander f/1.4 lens. It is a solid combination, and the best “bang for the buck” out there. I have tons of friends who have the combination and love it. Have the cash and want a more reliable and durable camera film rangefinder that will last you a lifetime? Then get the Leica MP and a Leica lens.

In the end, remember that it is always a better investment to buy books, not gear when trying to become a better photographer. But if you shoot with a DSLR and might want to try shooting film, want something more compact and discrete, getting a film Leica may be a good idea to try something new

If you are interested in purchasing a second-hand Leica or Lens, hit up my boy Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter) or email him at

Any more questions about the Leica M6 vs Leica MP? Leave a comment below! 

“Arrivals and Departures”: A Journey Across The Trans-Siberian Railroad by Jacob Aue Sobol, Magnum Photographer

Jacob Aue Sobol, Magnum Photographer embarked on a journey from Moscow to Bejing using the new Leica M Monochrom camera with the new 50mm f2 summicron. The images he captured show really raw emotion, and makes the viewer think about the story behind the images. The Leica blog is currently having an on going series documenting his journey. Check out the links bellow to stay updated on his series.

To stay tuned for future episodes click here.

Introduction to Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras by Jeroen Helmink

An introduction to using Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras by Jeroen Helmink, Dutch street photographer. Check out Jeroen’s work on his website or on Flickr!

Also if you are interested in getting a Hasselblad, email Jeroen at

Got any questions about Hasselblads or shooting medium-format film? Leave a comment below! 

Video Interview with Filipino Street Photographers (FSP)

This video was recorded a while back by the Filipino Street Photographers group. Thanks again to Rinzi Ruiz and Jeff Mercader for interviewing me and all the love for my Filipino brothers and sisters back in the Philippines! Watch the video large here.

I will also be hosting a street photography workshop in Manila, Jan 11-13th (Introductory workshop) and Jan 18-20th (Intermediate/Advanced) in 2013. If you would like more information or register, please email Jeff Mercader at

Tour of the Camera Museum in Michaels Camera in Melbourne and Photos of My Exhibition

If you live in Melbourne, make sure to check out Michael’s camera for their sweet camera museum (and some of my photos on exhibition!) Also make sure to check out Michael’s Camera for all your film processing, prints, and gear in Melbourne here:

I’m heading out to Sydney this Friday – see you guys all soon! :)

Street Photography POV Video with Markus Hartel on a Rainy Day in New York City

Street photographer Markus Hartel recently rigged a Kodak Playtouch HD camcorder on his Leica M9 with a straight flash bracket and an additional camera hot shoe mount and recorded some footage of him shooting in the rain in New York City on his 28mm Elmarit. To keep his camera dry, he would hold his camera upside down or put it inside his jacket to keep it dry.

Markus is also holding special 1:1 Street Photography Tours in NYC. Check them out here.

Markus Hartel with his M9 and rig!

UC Riverside Extension Introduction To Street Photography Student Exhibition

Some behind the scenes footage from my student exhibition at the UC Riverside Extension Course I taught this quarter (I showed some of my photos as well!) Many of the students had never shot street photography before, and I was very proud of the images they were able to create during the quarter! Thanks to Colin Westerbeck (author of Bystander: A History of Street Photography) who helped edit and sequence the student photos as well!

Enroll in the Spring course here:

Travel Update: My Adventures and Street Photography Workshops in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and London!

After a month-long trip in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and London – finally had some time to sit down and think about my travels, my friends, family, and what I want out of life. Traveling has been tough on me mentally, physically, and emotionally – but it has been through the support of the community and those close to me who have helped me keep on going!

Also watch the video above to hear about my crazy story of leaving my luggage at home (and surviving a month on the road without it!). Thanks again so much for everything guys :)

Behind the Scenes: Street Photography Workshop in Kuala Lumpur with Leica Store Malaysia

I recently taught a street photography workshop in Kuala Lumpur at the Leica Store Malaysia and had a phenomenal time. Huge shout-outs to Shannel and rest of the Leica Store Malaysia crew for making it such a successful workshop! The above video include some snippets shot with my GoPro HD camera in the streets of Kuala Lumpur during the workshop. As you can see, nobody got punched in the face – and most people in the are are extremely friendly!

Also check out my upcoming street photography workshops below, and click more to see all 162 snapshots from the workshop!


4/14-4/15: Melbourne, Australia – Introductory – Info – Register now – Sponsored by Michaels –Only 2 spots left!

4/21-4/22: Sydney, Australia – Advanced – Info – Register now


5/12-5/13: Berlin, Germany – Introductory – Info – Register now – NEW!

5/31-6/3: Stockholm, Sweden – Introductory – Info – with Fotographiska (The Swedish Museum of Photography) – Only 3 Spots Left!




12/9-12/15: Calcutta, India – Week-long Immersion Course – Info – (with Adam Marelli and Jason Martini) – NEW!

You can also stay updated with my future workshops by signing up here.

Insights from Street Photographer Martin Parr on Google+ Hangout

In this Google+ Hangout video, Magnum Photographer Martin Parr talks to Aaron Schuman, photographer and curator about his own personal work, capturing the uniqueness of boring objects, how to take non-cliched photos, and his general insight about photography. You must check this video out, probably the best 18 minutes you will spend all day! :)

One of my favorite quotes from the video was when someone asked him what one phrase of advice he would give aspiring photographers (14:18 mins in):

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary” – Martin Parr

See more interesting insights over at Martin Parr’s blog and check out his book, “Common Sense” (which is mentioned in the video).

Which quotes from Martin did you find most inspirational? Share them in the comments below!

Video Interview with Gary Tyson from F8 Photography in Hong Kong

Eric Kim interview in Hong Kong from F8 Photography Ltd.

While I was teaching my street photography workshop with Gary Tyson from F8 Photography in Hong Kong, I had the huge pleasure of being interviewed as well. In this video I talk a bit of my reflections on the workshop, as well as general questions about my approach and thoughts on street photography in general. Great production by Gary and the rest of his team!

F8 Photography runs workshops and training in Hong Kong and Cambodia for photography enthusiasts, more information can be seen at the website, or on the blog at

Any other questions you got about shooting street photography in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world? Leave me your questions in the comments below! 

Mini Review of the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 by Mijonju

My good friend Mijonju from Tokyo recently got his hands on the new Fujifilm X-Pro 1 in Tokyo and made this little mini-review on it. Hope you find it entertaining and helpful!

Make sure to subscribe to him on YouTube and follow him on Twitter.

More info:

X mount to M mount adapter…

All the specs

What do you think about the new X-Pro 1 for those of you guys who have shot with it? Worth the hype or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Fujifilm X-Pro1 First Impression Hands-on Review

Just had a chance to play around with the new Fujifilm X-Pro1 here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Looks like a very solid camera, with a few quirks (like every other camera out there). It might be a great option for those of you who have DSLR’s and want something more compact and discrete when shooting on the streets. Check out the video of a unit (without lens or battery) with some of my impressions above!

Tour of the Leica Store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hey streettogs- I am excited to share this GoPro Tour of the Leica Store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Some of my photographs are on display, in preparation for my workshop here this weekend. If you are in town, stop by and check out the store and the street photography books, and say hi to Shannel Woo, the Leica Malaysia Retail Manager here. Will keep you updated with everything!

Street Photography GoPro POV Video in Downtown Nashville with a Leica M4 and Portra 400 by Patrick Casey

I stumbled upon a street photography POV video with a GoPro by Patrick Casey in Downtown Nashville. You can see that even though the streets aren’t very crowded, there are still lots of photo opportunities to be seen! He gets some solid shots in the video- and also shares them for everyone to see how he works in the street.

Some more info from YouTube:

I use a Leica M4 with a Zeiss Biogon 35mm f/2. I use portra 400 handprocessed in a unicolor press kit. I print every photo I take in a darkroom. Song in the background is Pretty Lights – Stay

For those of you interested in making your own street photography POV video, this is what you will need:

You can put the pieces together, and have your GoPro mount on top of your camera’s hotshoe mount.

Looking forward to seeing other people make more of these videos! Also let us know what you thought about Patrick’s video and shots in the comments below! 

AnalogRev in Hong Kong with Kaiman Wong!

I had the huge pleasure of meeting up with Kaiman Wong from Digital Rev TV a few days ago- and filming this video! It was great to finally meet Kai in person (he’s really that hilarious!) as well as the video genius Lok and the lovely Alamby who helped coordinate everything. I was shooting with my Leica M6, and Kai with his Leica M2 and 15mm Voightlander lens (super wide!).

Some people on YouTube wrote some responses regarding arranging photographs for my shots. I thought it was a legitimate question and here is my answer:

Generally I don’t ask for permission when shooting, but typically after shooting my first photograph without permission – I enjoy chatting with my subjects and getting them to pose for me. Of course once they start posing and get directed by me, it is no longer candid and thus not proper “street photography”. However in the end – I like interacting with my subjects and I feel that it is able to help me build rapport and good will. I am not so interested in only taking all of my photos without permission- as I do ask for permission at times for my shots as well.

Hopefully the video will be good to those who are uncomfortable shooting street photography, and afraid of the reactions of others. I very rarely have any issues shooting in the street, and I try to show how I interact with my subjects in the video.

In the end I am not so interested in defining what street photography is or isn’t– but creating messages and meaning through my photographs– that make statements about society. I discuss this at length at a previous post titled, “What’s Important in Street Photography?

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video and will keep you updated with more stuff from Hong Kong soon!

Beverly Hills Street Photography POV Video with Leica M6 and GoPro

I have recently been working on a project in Beverly Hills that explores the following themes: wealth, disparity, happiness, image, and gloom. In my last POV video in Downtown LA many of you asked me to edit in the shots, and I did! Note that not every shot is fantastic- but wanted to include the shots as an educational tool to help you better understand how to approach, frame, and capture your subjects.

I am currently shooting with a film Leica M6 and Kodak Portra 400 film. The video was recorded with a GoPro Hero HD 960 video camera.

Featured in the video: Medhi Bouqua. See my past feature with him on the blog here.

What do you think about this video? Let me know how you would like me to change/edit my future videos in the comments below! 

A Personal Reflection on the Last 6 Months of My Life

Today I turn 24, and by chance it also happens to be around the 6-month mark since I last got laid off my previous job and decided to pursue street photography full-time. I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to thank you guys personally for all your support and faith, and take a moment to reflect. Please watch the video above where I talk a bit about my fortunes, misfortunes, and the amazing journey I have been blessed with.

People I would like to especially thank in no particular order (sorry if I forgot to include your name!):

  • Loryne Atoui
  • Thomas Leuthard
  • Charlie Kirk
  • Bellamy Hunt
  • Damien Rayuela
  • Jason Gritjas
  • Adam Marelli
  • Souvik De
  • Jason Martini
  • Todd Hatakeyama
  • My mom!
  • Cindy Nguyen
  • JJ Viau
  • Christian Erhardt
  • Adam Rahim
  • Jasime Aum
  • Tom Britcha
  • Jacob Patterson
  • Neil Ta
  • Kaushal Parikh
  • Ryan Ong
  • Alfie Goodrich
  • Danny Santos
  • Dav Cheng
  • Rinzi Ruiz
  • Ryan Cabal
  • ABC
  • Kevin WY Lee
  • Ivan Wong
  • Leonard Goh
  • Chris Gampat
  • Josh White
  • Dani Kim
  • David Kim
  • Mijonju
  • Angelo De Mesa
  • My sister (Anna Kim)
  • Olivia Lee
  • Jinhwan Roh
  • Luke Ding
  • Holly Pyon
  • Brian Reilly
  • Francoise Callier
  • And to all of you!

Wish me a happy birthday with film!

If you have gotten something meaningful out of this blog or I have helped you on your personal street photography journey, please wish me a happy birthday and consider getting me some film to work on my future projects! I would love some Portra and some Tri-X!

Love you all,


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