5 Tips How to Shoot Street Photography With a Full-Time Job

"Stilettos" - Shot in my office lobby
"Lost in Thought"
"Lost in Thought" - Shot near my workplace.

Recently Neal Bingham, one of the moderators and admins for the Aspiring Street Photographers Flickr group I started asked me to write an article about how I shoot street photography  with a full-time job. I thought it would be a great topic to discuss, as many of us street photographers have full-time jobs while pursuing our passion and hobby on the side. Although life can often be incredibly busy, I will discuss some tips how you can always find time so how I make time to shoot street photography (even with a full-time job).

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New #streettogs T-Shirt Design! (Red Dot)

When asking you guys what kind of shirts you wanted, reader Mark Parry suggested a classic look, with a big red dot. After fiddling around in Photoshop, this is the design that I came with below. If you are interested in purchasing this shirt, check it out in our store! (Shirts are also available for ladies!)

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Popular Designs:

Are there any other designs you would like to see? Leave a comment below and tell us what kinds of designs (or additional colors) you want!

12 Inspirational Examples of Street Photography Shot with Film

"Babushkas" - Anne McKinnell
"Philadelphia 155"  - Michael Penn
"Philadelphia 155" - Michael Penn

Recently on my Facebook page and Twitter I asked for you to submit your best street photographs shot in film. Here are the best submissions I got–congrats to everybody who got their images included! Stay tuned for more weekly assignments, and read more to see the other inspirational images.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Sneaky When Shooting Street Photography

"Man Reading" - Los Angeles
"Deep Thoughts" - Hollywood Street Photography by Eric Kim
"Deep Thoughts" - Hollywood

Recently one of my readers, Tim Agee, asked me if I could do an article on whether or not you should be “sneaky” when shooting street photography.

This is a very tricky subject, as you need a certain degree of stealthiness to get candid images. However, some of the best street photographers aren’t taken when you are being “sneaky.” Being sneaky infers that you are timid and you have some sort of malicious intent. I advocate for being brave and bold when shooting street photography, and the invisibility will follow.

What do I mean? As Markus Hartel wonderfully said, “Walk around at ease, be on the move and observe, shoot, nod confidently -or smile- .. and eventually it will become second nature, people care less than you think.” Read more to figure out why you shouldn’t be sneaky when shooting street photography.

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Photo Essay: The Imaginative Street Photography of Siegfried Becker

Young man in a carnival costume fooling around with a toy pistol, 03/14/11 Forbach, France
Young man in a carnival costume fooling around with a toy pistol, 03/14/11 Forbach, France
Young man in a carnival costume fooling around with a toy pistol, 03/14/11 Forbach, France

For many years I used a studio for the majority of my photography. The attraction of this kind of photography lay in creating artificial imagery, but today I find my subjects in the streets.

Life writes the best stories and practically no other area of photography proves this better than Street Photography. When you look more closely, the everyday reveals unique moments which are often comical, sometimes surreal and not seldom sorrowful and yet always show the variety of human behaviour.

Submit Your Best UK Street Photograph Contest

To help spread the word about the street photography workshop I am teaching in Brighton on May 21st, MarkB over at X100Photo suggested that I host a street photography contest. I thought it is a fantastic idea for people to showcase their street photography while also having a chance to win a FREE street photography workshop for themself and a friend.

How to Enter

  1. Choose your favorite street photograph that you shot in the UK and upload it to my Facebook fan page.
    • Include a caption with the following information:
      1. Title:
      2. Image caption:
      3. Location:
      4. Why you would like to attend my street photography workshop in Brighton:
  2. Get your friends to “Like” my Facebook fan page, and “Like” your image.
  3. Encourage your friends to vote for you by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Email, blog, website, etc.


  • On May 7th, I will announce the winner based on who has the most “Like’s”.
  • The winner will win a FREE street photography workshop for themself and a friend for my street photography workshop in Brighton on May 21st.

Rules & FAQ

  • Voting ends on May 6th at midnight.
  • Each participant is only allowed to enter 1 image.
  • The image must have been taken in the UK.
  • Prize doesn’t include accommodation or airfare.
  • Entries can be either film or digital.
  • We deserve the right to disqualify any inappropriate images.

Contest Dates

  • April 4-May 6

Got any questions, comments, or concerns? If so, leave a comment below!

I Shoot Street Photography Women’s T-Shirt Photoshoot

Everyone knows that street photography is not only for men, but for women as well! To showcase that, I recently did a photo-shoot with Cindy, my wonderful manager and beautiful girlfriend. We had a ton of fun doing this impromptu photo-shoot with her posing with my Contax IIIa film rangefinder. Hope you dig the images!

I Shoot Street Photography (Women's)
I Shoot Street Photography (Women's)
I Shoot Street Photography (Women's)
I Shoot Street Photography (Women's)
I Shoot Street Photography (Women's)
I Shoot Street Photography (Women's)

Ladies, let us know what you think about this design by leaving a comment below and tell us what other types of designs you would like to see!

Also, make sure you check out all of our designs in our #streettogs store!

13 Inspirational Examples of Travel Street Photography

"Hail", NYC - Khai Pin
"Hitchcock" - Hamburg, Germany - Thomas Leuthard
"Hitchcock" - Hamburg, Germany - Thomas Leuthard

Recently on my Facebook fan page and Twitter, I asked you to send in your favorite street photographs taken while traveling. Check all the images below to see inspirational images from all over the world! Make sure to follow me to stay updated with the new weekly assignments. Read more to see all the other amazing images.

Street Photography 101 Workshop with Eric Kim- Brighton, UK


Street Photography 101 is a unique interactive workshop for anyone interested in street photography or looking to improve their current skills. Los Angeles based street photographer Eric Kim will be leading a dynamic one-day workshop in Brighton where you will get to learn:

  • How to get started in Street Photography (with a brief history)
  • Different techniques, equipment and guidelines for shooting in the streets (including the popular “shooting from the hip” technique)
  • Comparison and pros/cons of DSLR, Point and shoot, Rangefinder, Micro 4/3rds, and film cameras for street photography
  • How to get over “The Fear” of shooting in the streets
  • Story-telling techniques and street photography aesthetics
  • The secret of processing beautiful black and whites
  • How to improve your technique and have your work reviewed by Eric and guest London street photographer David Gibson (http://www.gibsonstreet.com/)
  • The analysis and thought process behind choosing the “keepers” from your batch

The workshop will consist of presentations by Eric Kim with insightful tips for shooting captivating street photographs and plenty of group discussions for improving your own work. Guest street photographer David Gibson be available to give his own insights and provide additional tips for aspiring street photographers.

Following the presentations, you’ll get a chance to test out your skills through an accompanied on-the-street photography assignment.

Street photography is not as easy as it looks, but equipped with the right skills and approach, you can come out with captivating photographs!

Plenty of engaging hands-on activities and more planned!! Read more to see the intro video.

Intro video by Eric Kim

Read more to see more details about the workshop!

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Street Photography Documentary Film with Eric Kim

Street Photography from Daniel Seo on Vimeo.

I am excited to present a mini-documentary that my talented friend and film producer Daniel Seo put together. It was a quite intense project that took us an entire day to shoot (from 6AM to 11PM at night). I am very proud of how Daniel was able to put together my vision of street photography through his production and editing.

If you want to find more of how Daniel works, please check out his blog and check out his Facebook fan page.

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below! I would love to hear your feedback.

The 13 Most Inspirational Street Photographs in the Rain

It was a rainy day in Murano by Fabrice Drevon
Compare and Contrast - Tom
"Compare and Contrast" - Tom

On my Facebook Page and Twitter I asked the community to send in their best street photography photographs in the rain. I chose the best, and also dug up other inspirational images on Flickr as well. Congratulations to everybody who got their images featured. Read more to see the other inspirational images.

5 Tips How to Take Raw Street Portraits

Mehdi Bouqua
Raw Street Photography Portrait - Mehdi Bouqua
Mehdi Bouqua

Recently I came upon the work of Los Angeles street photographer Medhi Bouqua. He takes incredible portraits of the people of Los Angeles, and I asked him to give me some of his insights about shooting these raw street portraits.

Medhi: It all began with the street and its surroundings: The Architecture, The street Lights,The cold Concrete, The bright sun, The people walking up and down, The poor, The rich, the young and the old. Street photography has taught me to never hold back from any subject that captures my eyes. I shoot my Raw Portraits as close up shots to capture the emotion, strength, struggle and beauty of people, with both my 35mm Nikon to print and my Rebel Xs Canon to share on the web, I use Natural lighting, no Flash and no reflectors.

I thought it would also be a great opportunity for me to give you some great tips about shooting raw street portraits, while using Medhi’s photos as examples. Read on and learn more.

Is This Photo Ethical?

Fifteen year-old Fabienne Cherisma was shot dead by police at approximately 4pm, January 19th, 2010. Photo: Paul Hansen

Back in March there was a heated debate about this photo taken of 15-year-old Fabienne Cherisma, who was shot and killed by police after stealing two two plastic chairs and three framed pictures. It reminded me much about my recent blog post about Ethics and Street Photography.

Show Your Pride with these Street Photography T-Shirts

I Love Street Photography - Black

Hey guys,

I want to thank everybody for all the love and support they have given to myself, this blog, and the street photography community. This site has grown far larger than I have ever anticipated, and I owe it all to you.

Unfortunately, server costs for myself have been going up so I thought it would be a great idea to start selling some t-shirts to help off-set the cost.

If you have ever read something helpful or inspirational in my blog and want to support my love of street photography, please purchase a shirt and tell your friends as well! Not only will you be able to show off your street photographer pride to everybody else, but you will be helping me as well continue to help grow the site.

*** You can customize the shirts in any colors you want in the store ***

*** You can customize the shirts in any colors you want in the store ***
I would also love your feedback on the designs of these shirts. If you also would like another type of shirt designed, please leave a comment below! I plan on designing many more shirts in the near future, so stay posted.

Thanks so much for the support,


Which is Better? Black and White vs Color for Street Photography

Black and White vs Color for Street Photography
Black and White vs Color for Street Photography.

I recently got an email from one of my readers, Kit Taylor, asking me the following question:

Color or B&W? What goes into the decision to finish a street/candid
photo as color or black and white? Some photographers have a strong
specialization. Some of us use both almost equally. Some photos are
obvious; often I have some that are difficult to decide on.

I’m really glad that Kit asked this question, as this is an issue that I grapple everyday as a street photographer. There are many pros and cons to both color and black and white street photography– which I will outline below.

The 13 Most Inspirational Street Photography Portraits

Big glasses
"Big glasses" - Simon Garnier

Recently on my Facebook fan page and my Twitter, I asked the community to send me their best inspirational street portraits. I cherry-picked these as the best from all the submissions I got. Congrats to everybody who made the final cut! Read more to see the rest of the great images.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ask For Permission When Shooting Street Photography

"God Bless America" - Gena
"God Bless America" - Gena. Click to read more.

Photo Credit

When it comes to street photography, it is essential to capture candid moments of everyday life. This is what sets the genre of “street photography” differently from all the other types of photography out there. Although there are many talented photographers out there who specialize in capturing posed street portraits, I would classify those images as more of a subsect of “posed street portraiture” than “street photography” proper. In this post I will outline my thoughts why you shouldn’t ask for permission when shooting street photography.

Street Photography Fundraiser for Japan

Momoko Onodera prays at an evacuation center as she talks about her husband who died in the tsunami on March 18 in Kesennuma, Japan. A potential humanitarian crisis looms as nearly half a million people who have been displaced by the disaster continue to suffer a shortage of food and fuel as freezing weather conditions set in. (Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Words cannot express the pain and suffering that the Japanese people are currently experiencing. With recent numbers stating that the number of dead and missing is above 25,000— it is one of the worst calamities in Japanese history. There are already many street photographers on the web who are taking their part such as the Flickr group “Charity Print Auction Japan“. Considering that they are already doing their part in donating images to fund raise, I say that we take a different approach: let’s donate hard-cold cash.

Is Manual Focus or Autofocus Better for Street Photography?

"Owl Eyes" - London, UK
“Walking Along” – Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade

Recently I asked the community on my Facebook fan page what blog post they wanted me to write about. Douglas Bain asked me a question about the advantages/disadvantages of using manual or autofocus for street photography which is a fantastic question. I have debated about this with myself when it comes to street photography. Using primarily a DSLR for street photography, I often switch between the both as they both have advantages/disadvantages. However there is often heated debate between both camps (one saying that autofocus is more convenient while the purists say manual focusing is the only way to go). I will do my best of outlining the pros of both manual and autofocus in street photography in this blog post (and will let you tell me the disadvantages in the comments).

Photo Essay: The Beautiful Decay of Detroit, Michigan

Eric Kim Street Photography Detroit Michigan
Welcome to Detroit.

The past weekend I visited Detroit, Michigan. After recently watching the Chrysler Eminem Superbowl Commercial – Imported from Detroit, I have built a fascination for the city. On one hand, it is a gorgeous and urban city with tons of history. On the other hand, the economy of Detroit is in terrible shape and it shows with the desolate feeling of Downtown. However after talking to some residents of the city, they feel proud of Detroit and feel that it is on its way back up again. I definitely think that Detroit will rise once again to greatness, considering that GM is hitting record numbers of sales (and there are talks that they’re opening a Corvette plant down there).

All in all, the city of Detroit as the city was gorgeous in my eyes–raw, urban, and cold. I hope you enjoy my images and my personal narrative of the city.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Point and Shoot for Street Photography

(All photographs copyrighted by Alex Majoli / Magnum Photos)

Recently on the web I came upon a quite article about Alex Majoli, a Magnum photographer who shot award-winning images in the the Congo for two weeks and Iraq for two months using a point and shoot camera. Typically point and shoot cameras get a bad reputation for only being for “amateurs” and people who don’t know how to use a “real camera.”

Currently on the market, there are many wonderful point and shoot cameras for street photography. A few notable ones are the Ricoh GRIII, the Canon S95, and the Lumix LX-5. Many street photographers I know actually prefer using point and shoot cameras for their work, rather than using clunky DSLR’s or expensive digital rangefinders. Although I primarily shoot my street photography with a DSLR, I have done a considerable amount of street photography with my point and shoot as well. Therefore in this article, I will try to outline some of the strengths of using a point and shoot camera for street photography.

The 30 Most Inspirational Street Photographs on Flickr

Recently I asked on Facebook and Twitter for your best street photographs on Flickr. I reviewed the entries carefully, and chose the 30 most inspirational street photographs that showed either exhibited the decisive moment, the beauty of everyday life, or powerful imagery. Congratulations to everybody that made the final cut! Read more to see the other winning images.

Knee Boarding : Chained from hand to toe

Chained from hand to toe by rhohit

Street Portraits vs Street Photography: What’s the Difference?

Beirut, Lebanon. Click to read more.
Beirut, Lebanon. Click to read more.

Recently my friend and fellow artist Jacob Patterson asked me on Twitter what I thought the difference was between street portraits and street photography. It was a fascinating question, as there are many debates and inconsistencies on the web about the differences between the two. In this article I will outline my thoughts on the differences between street portraits and street photography. Not only that, but I encourage you to read on and chime in this debate as well.

“Something beautiful” – Black and White Street Photography in London by Ore Huiying

Recently I came upon this Vimeo video on Invisible Photographer Asia. The storytelling in this black and white street photography slideshow is incredible, and the music really makes it memorable. Check out the video and make sure to check out Invisible Photographer Asia for more great street photographers from Asia!

Who is the most inspirational Asian street photographer that you know? Leave a comment below and tell us who, and leave a link to their site!

7 Bright Ways How to Shoot Street Photography at Night

"Midnight Texting" - Westwood, Los Angeles.
Click to read more
"Together in the Rain" - Seoul, Korea. Click to read more.

On my Facebook fan page, I asked my readers what they wanted to have a blog post on. There were several of you who mentioned an article about how to shoot street photography at night. Van Gogh once famously said, “I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” I definitely feel that the same applies in street photography. I love shooting at night, because I feel that is when you can capture the true soul of the urban jungle–when street lights illuminate and people are on the prowl. Keep reading to see more tips on how to shoot street photography at night:

The 10 Most Inspirational Street Photographs on Facebook

Recently on my Facebook fan page I asked my viewers to share their best street photographs for a chance to be featured on my blog. I looked at every entry, and chose these 10 as the best. Keep reading to see all of the inspirational images!

pipe it in
Click to see more

“Pipe it in” by Jason Martini

5 Ways How to Deal with Pissed Off People (after taking their photo)

Turn that Frown Upside Down!
"Turn that Frown Upside Down!" - Los Angeles. Click to read more.

A question that I often get from my readers regarding street photography is how I deal with people who are either disgruntled or pissed off after I take their photo. Fortunately enough, I rarely get approached by people after I take their photo. This is due to the fact that I often avoid eye contact with my subjects, and carry myself if I was taking a photo of someone else.

However I still have encountered people who get pissed off after I take their photo. Therefore I came up with some things that I have done which helped me deal with these people. Read more to see tips that you can do when encountering upset or belligerent people.

Join the Urban Photo Collective!

Note: The following blog post is by Fokko Muller, a street photographer inThe Netherlands. Check out the awesome Urban Photo Collective he is a part of, and join in on the fun!

Urban Photo Collective

The Urban Photo Collective (UPC) started almost 5 years ago in the city of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The founder Thamar Kiemel (@thamar) was taking urban shots in Rotterdam with a friend. The idea arose to do that more often with a group of people. Just because it’s fun to go on the streets and photograph together.

At this moment the Urban Photo Collective has more than 250 members spread over 8 Dutch cities:

Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Arnhem, Tilburg, Groningen and Emmen.

Each month a group of passionate photographers join to take photos in their city according to a collective theme.

Why You Should Always Use and Abuse Your Gear

The stupidest looking thing for your camera, ever. I doubt you will see any photo-journalists using this in the jungle.
Click to read more
A true photographer's camera.

I have always been a firm believer that photographers should use and abuse their gear. This means that you shouldn’t be scared to get little scratches and minor nicks in your camera when you are out exploring for photos. This means that you shouldn’t handle your camera like a newborn child. This means that you shouldn’t worry more about the warranty than actually taking photos. This means that you shouldn’t leave your camera at home in fear of getting in stolen.