Pretty Face

Ultimately, what is the most important thing? The beauty of the face.

For example with women… It seems that everything could be modified and adjusted in terms of fitness exercise etc., but you cannot really change the overall proportion of someone’s face; the face size, the face shape, size of the eyes, distance in between the eyes etc.

Even when it comes to design in cars; let us not forget that the front of a car is essentially a phase. The new Tesla model 3 has an extremely beautiful face, even better yet the cyber truck.  I still think why for men the cyber trucks Apex vehicle is that the singular cyclops light bar in the front, is like the most intimidating pair of eyes for a masculine face?

How to make your face prettier or sexier

Simple things; getting enough sleep, 8 to 12 hours a day. Lot of people, you could see the stress hormones in their face, especially when they don’t sleep enough.

Second, lower your stress in your cortisol. Delete everything from your phone besides FaceTime. Disable all your notifications especially the text ones.

Also, a very simple one you could do is charge your phone in a room that is outside of your bedroom where you sleep. Or just shut off your phone totally off when you go to sleep, and charge it in the living room or the kitchen and keep your bed Pristine space. If you need an alarm clock, maybe just buy a standalone alarm clock not your phone. In fact, I wonder if in today’s world, the iPhone is actually the worlds most inducing device exist?; If you want to get rid of, Get rid of your phone.

Also no loser Apple Watch.

Fitness first

When I observe Cindy, it seems that the day she misses exercise or her daily yoga sessions… It totally ruins the rest of her day. As a consequence, it seems that the optimal strategy is to always focus on health and fitness above all!

Exercise fitness working out whatever… Is 1 trillion times more important than your work and being “productive”. A life without health fitness exercise is not a life worth living!