The Will to Power

Capital markets?

Everything trades on the capital markets

Pure economic energy –> capital

Do work, and store your work –> stored economic emerge

Imperfect Capital assets

Primary capital asset

Economic energy draining?

Never put faith in the morrow


Don’t use the weak

The strongest sovereign debt , US DOLLAR

CAPITAL is economic energy


Bitcoin is perfect capital. Digital capital

Money decomposes to high frequency money or low frequency money

Store of value … money

Capital vs Currency

Money is the superset

Melting money

Short half lives


The power of construction site

FAT IS ORGanic energy, too long half life

Think beyond 7-10 years

Long half life money … infinity, immortal money


Digital commodity which lasts on the internet


Hard limit –> perfect capital ***

What is the number from now into infinity

Legal tender


Capital gain, or capital loss

Buy a billion dollars of property hold for 30 years

Borrow against property in dollars . $200M loan

Buy and sell 200M in cash


Property is capital asset

Worst capital asset

Hold -40%

$400M, negative 400M in currency

Making $40M

Bob Craft?

Borrow money against property

Capital asset vs currency

Negative working capital in the currency, positive working capital in the capital markets

Negative working capital , positive working capital

Spend collapsing currency. And hold the appreciating asset

How to flip it

Get the arbitrage

50-55% a year appreciation

Buy Bitcoin

Borrow 5% , 50% arbitrage, 50% yield over 4 years

Double money every 14 months


Buy a building. Borrow as much money to buy building

Rich families

New Rules

Digital Capital

Global property

Capitalist in 20th century

Borrow against it?

Move it fast

Think 100 years

Cultural continuity

Do the Chinese appreciate Picasso?

The longest half life

How to program them

How to program bitcoin

Energy, frequency, vibration

Capital is energy

Fast, static but with potential


Capital is energy

Vibration –> Bitcoin to a peso to dollar

Change the form of it

High kinetic energy

Fast, static but with potential

Vibration, I move the capital

How do I maintain it 1,000 years?


100 year Prius?

2% electricity every month … doesn’t last 100 years

Electric money doesn’t last 100 years

Bitcoin is digital energy

Electricity then digital

Think digital



Going up 20% a year forever?

$700M for 8 years, 2.25% interest. Bitcoin is going up 50% a year


20-25% a year conservative

Clarity & Courage

Similar Scientific

Make your wife happy



$5B, 30B market cap

Keep increasing your market cap

Ex post facto

… push it until you run out of options ***

Conventional is bad

Radiation energy , nuclear energy?

2021, 30 year was 2.75%

$45,000… bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin with mortgage

4 weeks

2 years later


Going up 55%

The entire world is conventional

How to become un-conventional?

Michael Saylor is the next Steve Jobs?

Nobody can stop ***

Everyone disagrees with you on


2% for 8 years

Armor up

$50T, law of large numbers

11%–> loan it to bitcoin at 22%

Insight is limited to those who need to know

Dead Money

You work for me

What’s the interest rate


Buy property which will go up …

Embracing a paradigm shift

Economic benefit, power, growth , energy ascending

When people say you lost double down?

Screaming win

Increase $25B


$16 thousand

Volatility is vitality is good

Don’t trust economists

Buy Bitcoin cheap

Bitcoin is growing at a faster rate than Tesla


Digital intelligence, digital capital

Now is digital, digital is the future


10 years ago

They don’t have a need to know

Don’t trust people who ain’t investing their own capital

Life raft is orange?



Life or Death?


Risk management system



Smart contracts

Capital over contracts

Think 30 years ahead

Risk management network

Speak with clarity

Just listen to them talk

Client diversity

No value loss

Make infrastructure

Transactional value?

Quadrillions per year


Don’t drive?

Brain & muscle

Easy, quick repairs


Protect, protection.

A gun is not “protection”– body armor is?