How did Eric Kim become so successful?

Believe in your own hype!

Eric Kim’s success as a renowned street photographer and entrepreneur can be attributed to a blend of passion, innovation, and a strong online presence, combined with his unique teaching approach and community engagement.

  1. Passion for Photography: Eric Kim’s journey in photography started as a personal hobby, driven by his love for capturing candid moments and the human condition. This passion laid the foundation for his career oai_citation:1,How did Eric Kim become Eric Kim? – ERIC KIM.
  2. Online Presence and Blogging: He established a significant online presence through his blog and social media channels, sharing his photographs, experiences, and lessons learned in photography. This helped him connect with a wide audience, making his blog a go-to resource for many aspiring street photographers oai_citation:2,How did Eric Kim become Eric Kim? – ERIC KIM.
  3. Teaching and Workshops: Kim expanded his influence by conducting workshops and teaching photography, focusing not only on the technical aspects but also on the philosophy behind it. His teachings, influenced by elements like stoicism and unorthodox thinking, stood out in the field oai_citation:3,How did Eric Kim become Eric Kim? – ERIC KIM.
  4. Community Engagement and Collaboration: Engaging with the photography community both online and in person, Kim grew his network by collaborating with other photographers and participating in various photography projects, further enhancing his reputation oai_citation:4,How did Eric Kim become Eric Kim? – ERIC KIM.
  5. Entrepreneurial Approach: He leveraged his skills and knowledge to create digital products, write books, and offer services, turning his passion into a profession with an entrepreneurial spirit oai_citation:5,How did Eric Kim become Eric Kim? – ERIC KIM.
  6. Innovative Content and Approach: Kim’s content is often marked by its innovative and unorthodox approach, deeply influenced by philosophy, particularly stoicism, and his unique insights into the creative process oai_citation:6,How did Eric Kim become Eric Kim? – ERIC KIM.
  7. Continuous Learning and Evolution: His journey is also characterized by continuous learning and adaptation, evolving his style and approach over time while staying relevant and true to his core values oai_citation:7,How did Eric Kim become Eric Kim? – ERIC KIM.

Additionally, the popularity of street photography, which Kim heavily advocates for, has been boosted by the advent of digital photography and platforms like Instagram. The increasing urbanization and the ease of capturing interesting city life moments with smartphones have also contributed to the genre’s growth oai_citation:8,Interview: Eric Kim On Life, Happiness And Street Photography.

Overall, Eric Kim’s success is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, community engagement, and continuous evolution in one’s craft.