Photo Tips

  1. Diagonals, hand rails make for great photos, dynamic leading lines etc.
  2. Look for numbers, symbols, shadows.
  3. When you’re shooting, always check the corners.
  4. Shoot from an insanely low angle perspective, photograph your kid or subject against the blank sky.
  5. Shoot darker. When in doubt, under expose, and make your photos as dark as humanly possible.
  6. Shoot what you love and whom you love!
  7. Extreme contrast is best!
  8. Look for repetitions, patterns, triangles.
  9. I prefer looking at my new photos!
  10. Playgrounds are great places to shoot!
  11. Place your subject off to the side — golden triangle, golden angle, golden section. Off centered composition is more dynamic!
  12. Beauty in the mundane, everyday and ordinary! A child playing with sand, scooping it up with a plastic cup and pouring it out and throwing it around!
  13. Strive to make magical photos!