Do you have an insanely great vision. Now is your chance to seize it:

Why am I conducting this online workshop?

I may be one of the most self confident people that I know. Maybe irrationally so. Yet, this sort of confidence I want to communicate and give it to you.

The Vision

Essentially the vision I have is if you’re seeking a creative and self-confident turbocharger to any of your life pursuits, this online workshop is for you. Think of this as a novel approach; part entrepreneurship, part philosophy, part stoicism, but hugely practical and philosophical.

The extra push

What is encouragement? Courage comes from “coeur”, which means heart. Do you have the heart for it?

I believe that we all have interesting life goals and dreams, yet we still have many obstacles that get in our way. Some of it is fear, some of it is paralysis by analysis, some of it is decision fatigue, some of it is that everyone and everyone around us is just a nice here, which discourages us.


I believe that we all have a grand mission in life. To achieve and attempt insanely great things, hopefully things that could outlast us, my personal goal from Friedrich Nietzsche is to last at least 300 years.

The concept

It don’t matter where in the world you are, this workshop will be insanely convenient for you, regardless of where you are, your time zone your location etc.

The time will be 11 AM, Pacific Los Angeles time, on January 27, Saturday, 2024. It will all be on zoom, and you can attend the workshop with your laptop, your desktop, your iPhone, your iPad etc. Even one of my past online workshop participants was enjoying a beer on a nice patio at a café, enjoying the workshop on the AirPods!


There are no requirements for this workshop. Simply, my only encouragement is that you have some sort of vision, or some sort of desire. I could help you with the techniques, the approach, the marketing, the branding, the entrepreneurial side of things, but ultimately, you need a desire. A personal strong desire.

But what if I don’t know what I desire?

If you’re in a position in which you succeed in life, both financially, economically, socially, and what a forklift, yet you still feel like you’re liking something, or you want an extra something in life for a new direction, this workshop is for you.

Part of this online workshop will be the chance for you to creatively ideate, that means, coming up with new creative and gutsy ideas.

My promise to you

My personal promise to you is that if after the workshop, you are not so insanely turbo charge, hyped up, motivated, and encourage, I will unconditionally give you 100% of your money back. All upside no downside.

From a financial perspective, I see this to be one of the greatest life motivators; if the tuition for this workshop could even give you that $1 million or billion dollar idea, but it will all be worth it.

If you attend the workshop and you don’t feel that it gave you new wings or thoughts, you could just request a refund via PayPal, and I will either give you a free spot to a future workshop, or I will refund you 100% of your money back.

Soul in the game

To quote Nassim Taleb, I got soul in the game. I pour my heart soul and blood into these things that I teach and communicate. Ultimately I do it because I care, I have heart for it, it is my passion.

Sweet, how do I get in?

Your entrepreneurial investment in this workshop is $2500 USD, but if you sign up for the workshop before Jan 3rd 2024, the workshop tuition will only be 499 USD.

Secure your future now!

Normal Tuition Portal: 2500 USD here or the Buy Now Button Below:

Normal Tuition Portal: 2500 USD

Early Bird Discount Portal (only 499 USD here or the Buy Now button below):

Early Bird Discount Portal (499 USD vs 2500 USD normal tuition).

The 411

  • Date: Jan 27th, 2024
  • Time: 11am-3pm Pacific California LOS ANGELES / SAN FRANCISCO TIME

Now what?

Once you submit your full tuition, a week prior to the workshop you’ll get an email and personal zoom link from me!

Pumped to conquer with you!