A very simple and good workout and strength training exercises this: only using chalk, grab the heaviest dumbbells at your gym, lift it up, and just see how long and far you could walk it out.

For example, at my local crunch fitness gym, the dumbbells go up to 150 pounds. This is what I thought:

All of these guys at the gym what they try to do with heavy dumbbells is that they try to overhead press it, or they tried to shoulder press it, or they try to incline press it, or they try to do flat dumbbell press with it, or some sort of lying down or seated or elevated exercise with it.

But the simple funny thing is this; it is much easier and more efficient and in terms of leverage, more straightforward to simply pick it up, and carry it, in terms of moving the weight. Because, my thought:

Isn’t the point to simply be able to use the most efficient and effective mechanism of movement, an action, to simply manipulate and move a weight?

For example, I could pick up 150 pound dumbbell, lift it off the rack, hold it in my hand, grip it, and also walk with it, whereas I cannot lie on my back, and do a floor dumbbell press with it.

What’s the point?

Then, people might think,

“What’s the point of doing this?”

A lot of people say it is good for a “grip strength training“, but that doesn’t really mean anything. Nobody really cares for “grip strength“, look at all of these guys call instead of using chalk, simply use the hand wrist straps when weight lifting, whether it be doing rock pools, deadlifts, shrugs, rows, etc.

Is there any problem to using wraps?

The reason why I am anti-wraps is this:

It prevents you from getting stronger.

The ultimate point is it to lift heavier weights, it is to become stronger. By using wrist wraps, you do not give your body, your hands, your fingers, your forearms, your grip, your hyped and focus to effectively choke the barbell or dumbbell.

My simple thought:

Grip strength *IS* strength.

For example, how strong your grip is might be the greatest indicator of how strong you really are. Just overall strength.

Even as a thought, maybe the best way to judge the strength of men is to simply challenge them to the farmers walk with the heavy dumbbells. The simple competition:

Only using chalk, no wrist wraps, how far can you farmers walk the heaviest dumbbells?

Another example

Another good example I have is the legendary 330 pound golden dumbbells at golds gym Venice Beach. I mastered it.

Grip strength *is* strength: