Dear friends, if you’re hungry to elevate your photography to the next level, I cordially invite you to my first ever art photography workshop, in Downtown LA, Saturday, May 20, 2023:

What do we all want from photography anyways?

After much thought and consideration, I think ultimately what we all desire is to become more artistic photographers. To think more artistically, to see more artistically, and to create more artistic photos.

All photos we make, with love and consideration is art, however, there are certain ways to become more artistic, and also, to make more artistic photos.

The interesting approach to this workshop is that it is both democratic and also hierarchical. First and foremost, I really like the democratic idea that all photos we make with love and consideration is art. However, there are certainly levels.

Essentially what I want to help you within this workshop is to hone into your artistic and creative vision, be able to find an approach and technique to make your photos more aesthetically beautiful, then also, to help you see more artistically when shooting photos, or out on the streets.

Street photography is art photography

Let us consider modern-day life. Truth be told, the most of modern day life we are stuck in the car, in the office, or at the house. I believe most people are inspired to become more photographic, and focus on their photography as an artistic pursuit once they’re retired, or perhaps once they travel the world. However if COVID-19 has taught us anything, things are uncertain. Do not delay your artistic thriving.

Why I love downtown LA

downtown ERIC KIM la-sweat-hand-scaled

For me, if I consider all of the places in the world, downtown LA is my first love in street photography. It is where I first went viral in street photography, it is where I honed my artistic vision, it is where I pioneered much with shooting street photography with a flash.

Downtown LA is the ultimate urban playground for you, perfect for your street photography, whether you live in southern California, you’re willing to drive from Northern California, or fly down from the bay area, or even if you’re in Seattle or the Pacific northwest. Or if you’re gutsy enough, flying in from the East Coast or the Midwest.

To me Downtown LA is the new GOAT of street photography. Maybe even better than New York City.

How you will gain:

Downtown LA, 2011 by eric kim street photography
  1. Increased motivation and inspiration with your photography
  2. Practical tactics to see more artistically as a photographer
  3. A unique opportunity to just focus on your photography, and shoot a lot.
  4. Being surrounded with a passionate and like-minded group of fellow streettogs, ready to conquer the streets together.
  5. A unique opportunity for you to share your artistic photos, and get honest and critical feedback, constructive feedback and critique, to help elevate your artistry as a photographer.
  6. How to gain more confidence on the streets, one making photos, either when shooting candidly, with permission, or if you want to focus on street portraits.
  7. How to conquer your fears in photography
  8. How to best curate your work, and select your best work which shines
  9. How to brand and market yourself as a photographer, as an artist.
  10. How to become a happier and more productive photographer.

You got everything to gain, nothing to lose.

eye juxtaposition Cindy Cuba

This workshop is all upside no downside. If after the workshop for some reason or another, you’re not 100% satisfied with your experience, and you don’t feel elevated and inspired and motivated as a photographer, just let me know and I will give 100% of your money back. Why do I do this? Skin in the game, and also more importantly, soul in the game.

Truth be told, I already have enough racks in the bank so I don’t really need to do workshops. But the reason I do it is because I love it, and it is my passion. Also a huge upside is that when I’m out in the street, I also feel more confident and I also have the opportunity to meet you and practice my photography skills.

And the exciting news is that I plan on doing more art photography gallery stuff into the near future, so if you want to have an interesting chat with me, we can.

Secure your future

cuba ERIC KIM best

Life only happens once, seize today:

  • Normal Tuition: 1050 USD
  • Early-Bird Tuition: 699 USD if your full tuition is submitted before May 1st, 2023)

Normal PayPal Payment Portal (1050 USD) >

Early-Bird PayPal Payment Portal (699 USD) >

Once you have submitted your full tuition, your spot is 100% secure.

And once you have paid for your workshop, just show up on the day of the workshop! The workshop will be from 11 AM to 4 PM, in downtown LA, May 20 Saturday 2023. We will meet at Verve Coffee on Spring street, 833 s spring street.

Your personal day of thriving

  • Time: 11am-4pm
  • Date: May 20th, Saturday, 2023
  • Meeting Point: Verve Coffee on Spring, 833 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. Shout out to Colby!
  • Parking: Lots of public parking spots close by, around $10 for all day.
  • Student Cap: 12 passionate streettogs

How to prepare for the workshop


Before coming to the workshop, I want you to curate your best five photos of all time, then on the day of the workshop, just bring it on your phone, your iPhone or android, or your iPad.

Part of the workshop you will have the opportunity to present your work, and gain honest and critical feedback on your photos, how to improve. This will be an opportunity to gain constructive criticism, not negative.

And of course, bring along your camera! If you have an interchangeable lens system, I recommend for you to just bring your widest, smallest prime lens, non-zoomable. Preferably in the 40 mm to 28 mm range. Or to just keep it easy, bring along your Fujifilm x100, your Leica Q, your Leica M, your Ricoh GR digital camera, etc.

Now what?

Don’t hesitate, this workshop is fire! Be one of the 12:

Normal PayPal Payment Portal (1050 USD) >

Early-Bird PayPal Payment Portal (699 USD) >

Super pumped to have you!