How to Build Monster Traps

Traps — the trapezius muscles on top of your shoulders and neck.

How do you build monster traps? Simple:

  1. Insanely heavy rack pulls, or trap bar / open hex bar deadlifts. I believe that any able-bodied men should be able to rack pull at least six plates with enough effort.
  2. Muscle ups
  3. Attempt to lift the heaviest dumbbells at the gym. For example, just see if you could pick it up and rerack it, and then place it back. For example my gym has dumbbells that go up to 150 pounds, and simply lifting it up is quite difficult. For the heavier dumbbells, use chalk. It took me a while before I was able to successfully lift 150 pound dumbbell with my left hand, which has the weaker grip.
  4. Should I use straps? I say no. Even though it is true that using straps will allow you to lift heavier weights, it prevents you from building your grip strength, and your forearm strength, which I think ultimately translates into your whole body strength. It is my thought that grip strength is strength


Go to the Costco business Center, you can go if you have a normal Costco membership. Buy beef ribs, beef brisket, etc.

Why beef? The fattier the meat, and the closer it is to the bone, the more cholesterol and nutrition it will have. Cholesterol is a steroid. The more cholesterol you consume, the more muscular gains you will get.