How to become more tenacious, how to improve your grip strength.

The notion of tenacity, literally comes from tenere, which means hold onto. Therefore, it seems advantageous to improve your grip strength, both figuratively and literally.

First, you can use an aid, like chalk. I don’t actually recommend using straps, hand or wrist straps, as it is a crutch.

Also, one thing I’ve noticed is that you should consider using the most optimal equipment. For example, the big downside of doing deadlift with a straight bar, is that it rolls off and out of your hand. This is why powerlifters adopt a mixed grip, as the bar will not roll out of your hand. But the downside of using a mixed grip, is that it unevenly distributed the weight on your shoulders, pecs, biceps etc. This is simply wasted force. You do not want to waste any force, or waste any force transfer.

A better approach is to use a trap bar, or a hex bar, as the neutral grip doesn’t slip. And if your grip slips, it is just because you are not strong enough (yet).

Fun exercises at the gym

I really like doing very very heavy chin ups, elevated on the platform, with a neutral grip. Range of motion is not important here.

What is important is just strapping on a very very heavyweight (for example, three 25KG plates), using a chin up belt or a dip belt, a weight belt, and to just hold the grip as long as possible, until your grip gives out.

Back in the states, I would often do this in my apartment gym, doing heavy weighted chin ups, with four 45-pound plates.

Random thought; if you figuratively increase your hand grip strength, will this also increase your physiological, and self-motivated grip strength, your tenacity?

I once read that one of the best predictors of life, longevity, and one’s strength is testing your grip strength. That older folks, with stronger grips, live longer and healthier, and better.

How hard can you grip bro?

Very interesting, first time this is happened to me. I gripped so hard, during my workout today, that blood came out, under my middle finger calluses.