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How to Shoot Photos on (Or Near) College Campuses

I remember when I was a student (undergrad) at UCLA — I always had a hard time finding things to photograph. But I did an experiment —

Cindy and I (and Seneca) were at UCLA for 2-3 days for a conference of Cindy’s, and we stayed on campus, and I just had 2 full days with Seneca, exploring campus, and walking around in Westwood (the closest ‘city’ next to campus).

And after many years of graduating (I graduated in 2010) — I found sooooo many more things to photograph. My realizations? This:

  1. No categories: Just shoot it all.
  2. Extra high contrast extra small JPEG on RICOH GR IIIX. I remember having a Canon 5D as a student, and hating how huge the weight is. Now with the GR IIIX, having it always in my front pocket, it is always ready to photograph anything.
  3. Shoot abstract photos, photos ‘as dark as possible‘,
  4. Keep shooting the same thing if it interests you. It will always be different whenever you shoot it.
  5. Always go into town and back on campus; cycle between the two.
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