Why Review Your Photos?

Photos you don’t review, do not exist.

I don’t know about you, but I have a very poor memory. Photography for me is memory augmentation and the more beautiful I make my photos of my life events, the more likely I actually am to remember them.

For example, I think I have a photographic memory, that is I remember photos and not events.

For example, when I want to relive certain memories from the past, I always have a certain photograph as a reference point and a touch point. I tell Cindy about the memory in the photograph, and we are more likely to remember it.

An effective way of editing your photos

A new productivity hack I do is I publish all of my photos in a given set as a gallery on my blog, and then the blog post, I re-save the photos that I like. This way I am able to expose myself more frequently to my photos, which helps me better edit my photos.