How to Photograph

How does one photograph?

First of all, photograph anything that you’re curious how it will manifest as a photograph. That is, especially when you’re shooting black-and-white, your photos look different than reality. And this is how photography is a bit of a magic trick.

Second, whenever anything catches your eye, just photograph it, and figure out what to do with it later. Do not let your inner critic prevent you from photographing anything you’re curious about. The best photographer is as curious as a child, with no restrictions, and has no inner critic yet.

Third, get out of the house. The best photos are outdoors. In public, on the streets, even hiking. but also know you could make good photos in the home. But the point of life isn’t to be at home all day, but to go out and quest and explore. Note the French word voyager, to voyage. Photographers are voyagers.

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