Travel and Kids

What is it like traveling with a kid or a baby, and doing photography?

Difficult. But maybe not as difficult as you would think.

Lessons learned

First of all, traveling with Cindy makes it possible. I cannot imagine solo traveling with a baby.

Also, if possible travel with a grandparent or more than one grandparent. When we traveled with Cindy‘s mom and my mom, it made a world of difference

Just bring the stroller

We debated whether to bring a stroller or not for a trip, but we’re glad we did. The biggest benefit is that because you could gate check the stroller, just using the stroller to look around luggage at the airport makes life a lot easier.

When we were in the ground in Mexico City, we didn’t really use the stroller, I mostly carried around baby Seneca on my ergo baby carrier. And actually the benefit of having the ergo baby carrier and Seneca‘s that I was able to walk a lot, around 20,000 steps a day, and shoot a lot of photos on the way.

I recommend it

My personal philosophy with kids is this: optimize for yourself, and just bring the kid along. no need to totally change your lifestyle, because of your kid. Just keep living your best life, and let your kid join you for the ride.

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