Don’t Optimize for Comfort

In life, don’t optimize for comfort. In fact, perhaps a level of pain and discomfort is actually more motivational.

Seek the good pain

Not all pain is made alike. There’s actually some pain which is good and a strengthening stimulus for us, whereas other types of pain are deleterious towards us.

For example, spraining your ankle, or breaking a bone is certainly a type of bad pain. But mild muscle soreness after a day of intense and vigorous exercise is actually a good type of pain, which stimulates your growth.

Better to be in a Porsche GT 3, rather than a Rolls-Royce

It seems that the trend nowadays, is that we want the most comfortable car possible. A Rolls-Royce, a Mercedes, or a Lexus.

But, softness and comfort is often a weakening agent. It actually makes you less robust to difficulty and pain.

For example, if you’re a child that has always been pampered in comfort, you will not react well in the real world. Also this is why house kept dogs would never stand a chance if abandoned and thrown into the wild.

The more foam, the worse.

This is why most Adidas sneakers are really bad. Too much comfort and foam actually weakens your foot. The most superior and supreme shoe is barefoot.

Simple argument: would you want a condom with more foam and padding, or less?

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