I think one of the main ways we are suckered by modern day consumerism is the notion that we must invest in high-quality goods, which are very durable.

But in actuality, I believe it is better to have lighter, more natural, and superior tools, at the expense of durability.

For example, it seems that durability is a German notion. What is the American notion? That which is sexier, and more new.

Merino wool is not very durable, yet it is the supreme material

Out of all the fabrics I have experimented with, it seems that Marino wool is supreme. Better than any other material, especially those which are synthetic.

For example, my Marino wool leggings are far superior than any Nike dry fit, any Lululemon leggings, or anything else made out of nylon spandex and polyester. And certainly superior than cotton.

Also with tshirts, black merino wool all the way.

What is the best shoe?

After much experimentation, I still think that my “L run” shark shoes slippers, which are actually supposed to be water and kayaking shoes, are the best. Why? They are of the supreme lightness, and the least amount of cushioning in the sole. Yet, they are the worst in durability. I’ve literally gone through about five pairs of them, as they constantly rip and tear. Yet they are the best.

No Ricoh is meant to last forever

Hi whereas a Leica M rangefinder will seem to last forever, especially the film ones, it seems that the durability of the digital Ricoh GR cameras are very poor. Even the film Ricoh GR ones.

but, the Ricoh is the superior camera, as it is supreme and lightness compactness and performance.

But, I don’t think any digital Ricoh GR camera is destined to last for over three years. Even four years is pushing it.

Thus, it seems that if we are to make the trade-off, it is wise for us to choose performance over durability. The same thing with carbon fiber, it easily breaks, yet it is the supreme lightness material.

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