Eliminate anything that is white or bright

A simple way to practice photography composition: eliminate anything that is white or bright from the frame, when you are framing with your LCD screen. For example, strive to make your photos as dark as possible. Avoid anything that distracts from your frame.

Composition is a matter of elimination, not addition. The best way to compose a photo is to get rid of distractions. Same thing with productivity philosophy, the best way to be productive isn’t to force yourself to be more productive, but to just eliminate distractions.

Same thing with Health, the best way to become less fat isn’t to work out more, but just to illuminate things that make you fat. For example, eliminating sugar carbs, starch, alcohol, and anything sweet. Even 0 cal sweeteners. even “natural“ sweeteners. No honey, no agave, no Stevia, none of that nonsense.

Sweet is bad. Bitter is better.

Same goes with design philosophy, to design a thing better, rather than adding superfluous elements, figure out what to subtract. For example, the best Kanye West Yeezy shoe is probably the new foam runner, because it illuminates the necessary use of socks, and shoelaces. Or think about the Tesla model 3 is superior than any BMW or Mercedes car, because it has stripped away all these unnecessary superfluous design elements. I kind of get the notion or the sense that the reason why BMW and Mercedes keeps suddenly changing the way that the rear bumper looks, it’s not because it is better, but to promote more sales.

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