Why Be Low Key?

Why low key Photography, black and white, low key all black clothing, etc?

The upside of being more stealth and ghost-like. To go everywhere like a phantom, not being recognized.

The genius of the Wachowskis for staying outside of the public eye, so they can go out in public without being noticed or harassed. Consider the misery of famous people who cannot even take their family to a restaurant without being assaulted by paparazzi.

Better to look poor than rich?

The reason I don’t like to wear my Rolex: I hate it when I’m out in public, and people just stare at my wrist, which causes them to jump into certain conclusions about me and my character.

Similarly speaking, if you really were a billionaire, he would probably be afraid that people might kidnap you or threaten your family members in order to get more of your money. Therefore doesn’t it make sense for you to have very common things outwardly, to prevent yourself from being robbed?

So even in that way, maybe it is a bad idea to have an iPhone Pro. Because you will be a larger target of theft than somebody with just a normal iPhone.

This is also when you are traveling to developing countries, it is a very bad idea to wear an expensive watch or carry around an iPhone. The wise thing to do is look super super plain and common, but disguise your richness with common expensive things. For example $100 black merino wool T-shirts. Even the really rich were very plain looking clothing, even though they may be wearing unbranded $1000 cardigans.

Don’t go to church in your Lamborghini

Not all the attention is welcome.Good to be more discreet and low-key. Maybe in this way it is better to drive a Prius than a Tesla, because Tesla is too sexy it makes you look too rich.

Even apparently the Uber rich and wealthy just prefer to drive a Lexus. Why? If they drive around a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, it attracts too much unwanted attention. Lexus is premium yet common enough that no one really would bat an eye at a Lexus anymore.

The ideal

To have the most premium and luxury goods and tools, without attracting attention. High key possessions, but low-key appearances.

Maybe this is also why really rich people on the East Coast would prefer to drive a Subaru than a Range Rover, if their goal is really to hide their wealth.

Similarly speaking, people who conspicuously show off their luxury goods, like women with Louis Vuitton purses, are not actually really rich, but aspirationally rich. The really really rich women carry obscure looking handbags, that the only top .01% of people know what it is. Goyard.