In the past, especially in more martial times when we were at war, courage was on the battlefield. But now in today’s relatively modern and safe world, how does one exhibit courage in every day modern day life?

Intellectual courage

To have opinions which put you at risk. But ideas that you are willing to sacrifice your reputation for.

Financial courage

Having the courage to do something, even though it might cause you some sort of financial harm.

Artistic courage

Having the courage to attempt a new type of artwork, which may cause you to lose followers.

Physical courage

The courage required to attempt a one rep max lift, and dead lift bench press or squat. physical courage required in power lifting.

Courage to go against tradition

The courage to do opposite what your parents and grandparents tell you to do. The courage to betray tradition and custom, and to pursue what you believe to be beneficial to you.

Courage in talking

When engaging in real life conversation, the courage to say what’s really on your mind, or the courage to go off script.

The courage in street photography

The courage to click the shutter, even when it scares you.

The courage to travel

Now post COVID-19, it actually does take real courage to travel. There are no some risks involved.