What is good for you is also good for your kids.

A new territory I’m experimenting in discovering with is parenting philosophy. That is, how should one raise one’s child?

One of my first thoughts is simple: what is good for you is probably what’s good for your child. If you focus on your own physical health and physical well-being, and also your own mental well-being, eventually your child will prosper.

For example, I love going on walks. And it seems that Seneca now also likes going on walks too. It’s a chicken and egg problem but I don’t really mind. What matters is that I love walking and perhaps as a consequence Seneca also likes walking, and we both benefit and reward as a consequence.

Having a kid can also help you become a more productive photographer

Contrary to popular belief, A child is not a cramp on your life. Rather, A child is a turbo charger to your life and lifestyle. For myself actually I started living a much more interesting and meaningful life having Seneca. For example seeing his daily growth is 1 trillion times more interesting to me than any fancy meal or travel experience I’ve had abroad.

Just follow your gut

What are we lacking the most in todays world? To just follow our gut. There is 1 trillion times more wisdom in your gut then all the parenting books and philosophies on parenting combined.

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