In Praise of Hiking and Photography

If you want a photo idea: just go on a hike and bring your camera along.


I never really thought I liked hiking, but in fact I actually really do. why? My theory:

Perhaps when we’re hiking and we see vast open spaces, it helps us think in a different and more open and expansive way.

Good for your body, good for your mind.

The reason why hiking is so good is because when we’re walking over irregular surfaces, it is good for our joints, our knees, our back, our hips, and our overall body. considering that nowadays we’re all stuck in static positions, hiking is a dynamic way to mobilize our entire body in dynamic ways.

L RUN “Shark shoes”

The best purchase I’ve made is getting these water kayaking shark shoes on Amazon. Essentially there is a tiny tiny sole on the bottom, but otherwise it feels like you’re barefoot. And the benefit of doing this one hiking is that not only do you have better balance and grip, but you could feel the terrain. It is like having a free mini shiatsu on your feet.

Also I find these shark shoes at superior to Vibram five fingers, because while the Vibram five fingers shoes are great, having to enter your toes in between the openings is kind of a pain in the ass. and these shark shoes slippers at only $15 is far cheaper than Vibram minimalist shoes.and these shark shoes slippers at only $15 is far cheaper than Vibram minimalist shoes.

Lots of great photo opportunities when you’re hiking.

When you go on a hike, you often see other human beings. So funny enough, you can shoot “street photography” when you’re hiking.

Or if you go hiking with a family member or friend, you could just photograph them while they’re hiking. And you can make artistic photos.

The light

Also another good thing about going hiking, especially close to sunset, is that you can get the full gamut of an epic sunset in your photos. Especially if you shoot black and white, the tonal gradations getting your black-and-white photos are amazing.

Helps your sleep?

The days when I go on hikes with Cindy and Seneca, I’ve noticed I actually sleep a lot better at night. perhaps it is a combination of the open and fresh air, the ability for my eyes to exercise for depth perception, exercising my hips legs my body, and perhaps other hidden factors I’m not quite sure of.

It is open free and entertaining.

What is the point of having twice?

What is the purpose of having two eyes?

I have a theory: that perhaps for optimal well-being and health, we actually really need fast wide open spaces, and variety in the environment to exercise our eyes and depth perception.

For example, why is it that humans tend to like high points, and wide distance? Perhaps there is an evolutionarily advantage and having the higher ground, to protect ourselves from predators. And also the importance environment is that we humans know that there are certain environments more advantageous to our survival than others.

You don’t need to be a landscape photographer

I say leave the tripod at home. Just bring along your Ricoh GR 3 camera or whatever camera small compact and important enough for you.

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