Or how to see more photo opportunities in black-and-white:

1. political imagery

So much of political imagery is befuddled with colors. Photograph political imagery in black-and-white, and you make it more interesting.

2. Lines, shapes and forms.

Look for lines shapes and forms in black-and-white. This will help better accentuate the motion of the forms you’re photographing.

3. Photograph macro photos of hands

Ricoh GR 3 in macro mode and high contrast black-and-white JPEG, you could capture it an insane amount of detail and human hands. You could even photograph the fingerprints.

4. Photograph glass

Glass, broken glass, and other things broken or shattered make for interesting textures and photographs. Even experiment using a flash on glass.

5. Photograph words

Photograph words which had some sort of personal interest or significance to you. For example, my obsession with the notion of turbo. Turbo thoughts, turbo photos, and turbo chargers for the mind.

6. Photograph textures, and photograph them underexposed.

Any textures around the house. Like linen, or nets.

The darker and more obscure you can make the photos, the better.

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