How to Live More Efficiently

Some ideas towards a more efficient lifestyle:

Imagine the World Like Mad Max

Imagine a post apocalyptic world where are you have nothing left but your house your apartment and the surrounding neighborhood. If that were the case, how could you best exploit your current situation and where you are?

In someways, Covid has helped us become more efficient. For example I no longer go to the gym, and instead have invested in a 105 pound kettle bell which reduces the amount of time I need to work out.

Satisfice, that means suffice plus satisfy. Don’t seek the best, but seek for 80% good enough and just stick with it. This will help you be more efficient, to do more, to create more, and to become more.

One rep max philosophy to life. That is, don’t seek boring and countless repetitions, but seek the maximal drive to expel your power in the maximum amount of force in one go. For example, better to just do a one rep max for a dead lift then to turn out countless repetitions, that is the bodybuilding style.

Where the same thing every day. All black merino wool everything, and instead of focusing energies on artistic and philosophical creation.

Drink more coffee in the morning, but have a strict cut off time. For me that is 12 o’clock noon. And also intermittent fasting, that is don’t eat your dinner until as late as possible. Now that I have a baby, it seems that the ideal time to eat is after he sleeps, which is around 9 PM or 10 PM.

To be more efficient with cooking, just go to instant pot. Or use a slow cooker crockpot. I see food as fuel to live, rather than the purpose of life to maximize your food pleasure.

Use iPhone with Siri voice dictate. This has been the super game changer, because using your voice is far faster and more efficient than typing it on your phone. In fact, this whole blog post is written with voice dictation on the iPhone.

To sleep better, have a strict rule that no devices are allowed in your bedroom. That is after I take a shower and I get into bed, even though I’m not sleepy, I will close my eyes and make sure that my phone and my iPad is charging in the next room.

Is the smallest resolution and file size possible. For example when you’re shooting photos just shoot small JPEG, and when you record videos shoot 720P to increase transfer and upload speeds.

Figure out what your Archimedes lever in life is. That is, how can you maximize yourself? It is to do what you are damn good at, and to focus on that. This is the best way to 10X yourself.