On Becoming a Family Photographer

Ever since I had my son Seneca, I guess I’ve become a family photographer. My friend Anthony Larson even joked and said, “Man that kid is going to be the most photographed kid on earth.” And I think I agree.

Why photograph family?

Why photograph your family? It seems the strange bias in today’s world is that if you photograph your family members or people you know, somehow it isn’t “hard-core” enough. That somehow photographing people who are distant, strange, exotic, and distressed is more appealing.

I think this is furthest from the truth. Photographing your family and family members could quite possibly be the most authentic and good thing you could do as a photographer. This is because you know your family best, and ultimately, family is the most universal thing that bond all of us, and all of mankind. Even think about the famous exhibition by Alfred Stieglitz, “Family of man.”

Moral of the story: photograph more of your family with great beauty ease and levity.