Transform Yourself into a Hyper Car

For those of us who are into cars, people into Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Tesla, McLaren, Porsche other hyper sports cars, this is what I have discovered: when we desire these sports cars or hyper cars, what we desire is an external a station of our own personal cell conceive avatar of ourselves. That is, we think we are the car. Or we think that by getting a certain car, like a Lamborghini Aventador, we will become more mean, more lean, more aggressive, cooler and more masculine. But is this the case?

For example, it seems that the ideal sports car or hyper sports car is very very wide, very very low to the ground, and has an extreme wedge like shape, which cleaves the air and kind of makes it look like a fighter jet or some sort of military weapon.

It also seems that many people like loud sports cars or sports cars with a certain roar and the exhaust, perhaps it is what men want their voice or the attitude to seem like. The irony is in modern day life, we are not allowed to be loud in public, but we are allowed to have fancy sports cards which are loud.

Then something I think about a lot: how much of having a certain car is about having a certain external appearance, versus internal and private enjoyment of your car? And also when you’re driving the car, what actually do you want out of the car?

For those of us who live in Southern California or spend a lot of time in the car, or live in the suburbs, what car you drive is actually very important. The car is practically a second home, especially if you live in Southern California where you can spend up to two hours a day in the car.

I found for myself, I like driving as a zen experience. For me, design of driving a manual transmission car has me thinking focus while I’m driving, which is also a good time to think. I think I’m the first person try propose the question: what is the best car to promote thinking?

Otherwise if you’re using a car is a pure commuter vehicle, it seems to make the most sense to just have a Toyota Prius, or the cheapest Tesla car you get with auto pilot feature.

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