What is the future of anything? It is a return to the classics. Or a return to more ancestral or minimal concepts.

For example, the best shoes or no shoes. The shoes that promote the moralist barefoot feel are the most superior and supreme shoes. Any shoes with cushioning or extra foam is bad. Imagine like adding a massively thick condom to the bottom of your feet, who would want to have less sensation and feel?

Or with cars in car design, it is a return to the classics. For example, the revival of the Ford mustang as an homage to the past designs. Or the new Nissan Proto Z, a classic design with modern aesthetic features.

Or even with camera designs, the best design as the most old-school. For example the classic Leica M design, with a classic compact Ricoh GR design. Even the Fujifilm x100 series cameras as trying to mimic the old-school rangefinder Leica M look.

What will future humans look like?

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