Being Different for the Sake of Being Different?

Typically my pride has been:

I do not want to be like anyone else.

My pride —

Not to wear the same things others wore, not to rock the same brands others rocked, and to sort of become an ‘elitist’ through minimalism, simplicity, and just following my own zenstoic mind.

Certainly this is a partly vain pursuit — you always compare your uniqueness in comparison to others. But my realization:

No matter how much we would like to think, we are social creatures (sociology of comparison) which means — we will inevitably ALWAYS compare everything when it comes to social matters.

So what are we to do about this? I say just accept it, and perhaps do simple things:

  1. Drive a different car for the sake of driving a different car
  2. Use a different phone from others for the sake of it
  3. Use different tools, apps, and productivity apps for the sake of it
  4. With clothes, shoes, and fashion matters– despise having the same brands, outfits, or concepts as others (strive for extreme differentiation here).
  5. With music, art works, and other aesthetic matters — seek inspiration from the past, or from the obscure which you love.


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