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In Praise of Under-Exposing Your Photos

One of the easiest ways to make more interesting and enigmatic photos — drastically under-expose your photos. Make your photos ‘as dark as possible’ while still being able to see *some* detail:

The exposure-compensation dial is your best friend

In RICOH GR III, my favorite dial is the exposure-adjustment dial, which is easily accessed with your right thumb [in praise of one handed ergonomics].

The great benefit of massively under-exposing your photos:

You reveal new interesting details which you typically don’t see with your normal human eye … and you can transform even the most mundane scenes and moments (and shafts of light) into something more magical and artistic.

Make your photos as dark as possible

As a fun experiment, try shooting all your photos massively under-exposed (-1, -2, or even -3 exposure compensation). While shooting ask yourself:

How dark and how under-exposed can I go, while still seeing *something*?

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