Who Dictates the Aesthetic?

Do you define the aesthetic or does the aesthetic define you?

The problem with trends in aesthetics:

We allow the aesthetic to define us, rather than the other way around.

For example, the trend of “all black everything” or any other fashion trends. Do we follow the aesthetic trend, and try to fit ourselves into this aesthetic Procrustean bed, or do we think about what we desire (functionality, practicality) and then figure out which aesthetic approach to integrate into our lives?

Home aesthetics

For me, I prefer tiny small minimalist luxury apartments because it makes me more creatively and artistically productive by having less space to vacuum, and also less space means less worries or concerns on how to procure new furniture or things to fill it up.

Aesthetics to fit in, or stand out?

The irony with aesthetic trends and preferences:

By adopting a certain “flashy” aesthetic, we are more sitting in than standing out.