Every photo you make is a reflection of yourself (the saying that a photo is a mirror with a memory):

No photos without your self

Eye macro crop ERIC KIM

You are the creative visionary. It is through your own oculus and eyes in which you see, perceive and capture beauty.

Photos cannot exist without you.

Literal and metaphorical

Photograph your self. Your hands, feet, face, body, and all details of yourself!

Your body as an art work, and an art project. Enjoy your body as beautiful, and a joy.

On photographing what and whom you love

For me — photographing my family. Myself, my mom (umma), Cindy, and now baby Seneca (my son).

Photograph for yourself and for others

And don’t forget to share the photos you care for with those whom you care for! Directly email, message, or text the photos to them! Or share online albums with them (Google Photos albums, or shared Apple iCloud photos). I personally Kakaotalk my family members my photos from my laptop (desktop app). I call this Social Media 4.0 — direct sending of photos to direct individuals and recipients.