Mexico Color Studies by Savannah Condon

Some lovely color photos and words from Savannah Condon, straight out of Mexico:

Savannah: My partner and I moved to Mexico during a pandemic. Jamie is British, I’m American, so it’s tricky navigating a relationship where countries that permit UK citizens have banned Americans and vice versa. We both have always wanted to learn Spanish, and since Mexico allows both Americans AND Brits in, we thought now’s a good time to hunker down in Mexico.

Mexico appeals to me for many reasons. I’m from California, so Mexico feels strangely familiar (makes sense, CA is ex-Mexico). I love Mexican food, I love Mexican culture, I love the language, and probably more than all those things combined, I LOVE color.

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As a teenager, I painted each wall of my room a different, obnoxious neon color and spray painted each piece of furniture a different color. I had zero understanding of color theory or the concept of complementary colors. My room was hideous. As a photographer/ visual artist, I still love incorporating and experimenting with color. But I’ve since learned how to use color more effectively from studying the work of photographers like William Eggleston, Harry Gruyeart, Alex Webb (he also made a lot of work in Mexico), and painters like Henry Matisse and Van Gogh, and Claude Monet. Shout out to Eric for inspiring and encouraging me to study other forms of art!

Here in Merida, the climate is sunny and hot 99% of the time which creates uber saturated colors with harsh, contrasty shadows. It’s a feast for my eyes but also makes for the sweatiest photo walks.

Here’s a visual journal of what I’ve been up to in Mexico for the last month-ish. <3


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