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Why Photography is Your Passion


Dear friend,

A thought:

Photography is your passion … so why not prioritize it?

You can only have one priority

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The hard thing in life:

You can only ‘prioritize’ one thing.

Too often we prioritize work, ‘productivity’, and other money-making things over our artistic production … which should be the most important thing in our lives.

New year, new year of focus for your creativity

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This is the very optimistic thought:

Starting this year (2021), it is a blank slate for you to focus on your photographic artistry and creativity.

If COVID has taught me anything, it is that everything in life is uncertain. I think many of us might have thought to ourselves:

Oh, I will just work really hard, save a bunch of money, and perhaps retire early… and then I can finally travel the world, make photos, and do artistic things.

But now with the current grim reality … even if you retired tomorrow with $10 million in the bank … can you even travel anywhere?

Therefore my simple suggestion is think:

I already have enough money and resources to focus on my photography.

You already have the best camera … the one in your front pocket (RICOH GR III, Ricoh GR II, or iPhone/Pixel/Smartphone). Assuming you have a digital camera, there is really nothing holding you back. Just shoot JPEG (small size), and use a nice filter preset you like. Then use your energy to make new photos while also spending time to review your old photos.

You are a photographer-artist

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You don’t need to justify your photography or artwork. You already are an artist. The camera is your primary creative tool. So why talk down on yourself, and why not focus on your arts creation?

I believe at the end of the day, your artwork is king.

So don’t delay. Make this your best year where you focus all your efforts and energizes on maximizing your personal growth, evolution and strengthening as a photographer.


Some simple ideas to focus on your photography:

  1. Hybrid of photography and exercise: On your morning walk, jog, or if you walk your dog around the block … take along your camera. Use this opportunity to make photos. Or when working out, just record and document yourself working out.
  2. Mental shift: You are not your job. For many of us, your job is simply a means to an end. Which means, you work your job to make money to pay rent and for food. But besides this, your job ain’t your identity. Your identity is photographer. And your purpose in life is to make photos.
  3. Move more: The more you move, the more inspiration and motivation you will to make photos. This can be as simple as walking around more everyday, driving your car around everyday more (perhaps park your car in some interesting areas, and walk with your camera), getting take-out food (driving there or walking there yourself with camera-in-hand), or anything that can get you out of the house with your camera. In fact, I think spending money to eat out is probably one of the best things you can do right now, in terms of both supporting local businesses and supporting your own photography.
  4. Share your photos more: Make your own photo website on and install The best way to share your photos is on your own platform. Share your photos open-source (full resolution jpeg on your website) and let your photos propagate widely.
  5. Share your best passionate photos on and also give feedback to other photographers in the community.


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Never stop learning

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