Old photos review

Reviewing Your Old Photos vs Making New Photos

As photographers, perhaps the way we can gain maximal creative productivity is this:

Spend much time both (concurrently) shooting new photos while also reviewing your old work!

Why do both?

The reason why:

When you review your old photos, you rediscover photos which you’ve *already* shot which you really like, which you might have initially overlooked.

In some ways, to notice old photos and to breathe new life and insight into them is equivalent to making new photos.

Photos which you might have initially overlooked

The difficult challenge which I face is this:

I shoot faster than I can review my photos.

Which means that I don’t spend enough time reviewing, editing and filtering and ruminating/meditating on the photos I’ve already shot. In some ways, to review photos you’ve already shot is more effective than trying to go out and shoot new (good) photos in vain.

Time reveals all things

I encourage you to spend more time looking back at your past work. Search for those hidden gems, or those golden needles in your photo haystack.

For example I totally forgot about these photos I shot semi-recently of Cindy at the shore, and I really like them:

I was able to re-discover these photos by looking at my older photos in Dropbox — going in reverse chronological order:

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