iPhone Not as a Phone, But a Creativity Device

Currently I’m using a cheap Motorola smartphone (bought it brand new for $150), and also using an older iPhone 7 Plus (given to me from my brother in law). An interesting thought:

The iPhone (without a SIM card and 4G internet connection) is really great as a “standalone” creativity device — I just keep it in airplane mode and connected to WiFi!

How the iPhone is great as a creative tool

First of all, it is good for blogging. In some ways when you blog from a phone, the barrier to entry seems less. To sit down (or stand) with your laptop seems a bit too daunting and intimidating. We are always on our phones, sending text messages and emails. Why not use our thumb power to do creative blogging instead?

Calligraphy on-the-go

I am a big big fan of “Zen Brush 2” on the iPhone (Zen Brush 3 is also good, but lags a bit compared to the older version).

Why I love calligraphy:

It is the most direct, simple and purest way to create and express yourself visually.

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