Creative Visionary

Become the creative visionary you idealize in yourself.

Avoid the anonymous corporations, no matter how cool their stuff may seem. Instead more faith in the creative visionaries like Kanye West, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Howard Hughes etc.

This explains the downfall of Apple (Steve Jobs is dead, Jony Ive either left or was pushed out). Explains how the new Apple products just aren’t cool anymore, too much placating on the “desires” of the masses, anonymous and nondescript marketing/advertising (no more infamous Jony Ive British voice).

Oscar Barnack as original innovator of Leica M camera, no more innovation from Leica Camera. All new digital Leica M cameras are just a uninspired piggy-backing off of the original Leica M camera from almost 100 years ago.

New Star Wars movies as extremely boring and unoriginal. No more soul of George Lucas in the films. Disney just a mega conglomerate, making low-brow mass entertainment for the masses. Even new Marvel films created after the Disney buyout as watered down and no longer intense or cruel.

Even consider podcasts– it’s all just this repetitive “interview style” long form conversation. No podcasters who just speak their mind. They always gotta interview other more “successful” people.

In philosophy, nobody who longer stateas his or her own opinion without quoting another philosopher or thinker. Only exceptions are Nassim Taleb and Peter Thiel.

In politics, probably Donald Trump as the first “congruent” person in politics (spoke his mind instead of playing the “politics” game, using typical “politician” talk).

In bodybuilding, the last real personalities being Arnold S and Ronnie Coleman. Everyone new as just a new Instagram and social media slave.