Flying and Airport Experience During COVID-19 Photography Project

Surprisingly, flying during COVID-19 isn’t that big of a deal:

Everything feels surprisingly normal.

  • Pick composition layers south west ERIC KIM

Flying during COVID-19 and being in the airport feels pretty much the same as “pre-COVID”, except everyone is just wearing a face mask, and observing (very loose) social distancing rules.

Middle seat open

For southwest flights … middle seat must be empty (if you travel with friends or family you can use all the seats). No traditional food and drink service, but you still get water cups and free pretzels. You can still watch the movies on the seat monitor (like the great Joker film).

Bandanas and face masks with vents no longer allowed

Being in the airport and flying again was great. I love the dynamic energy at the airport. Also a great place for street photography.

Perhaps if you have the opportunity, shoot a covid-19 airport/airplane project?