Dear friends,

If you desire to master marketing, I cordially invite you to my new and upcoming MARKETING MASTER CLASS (Online, via Zoom, on November 28-29th, 2020 [All-day Saturday/Sunday]).

How can you gain? Let me let you know:

Marketing Rules Everything Around You

Whether we like it or not, marketing rules everything around us. If we cannot effectively market ourselves, we cannot get our message out there. Without marketing, we cannot build a (small but loyal) audience, we cannot build a legacy, and we cannot inspire others with our ideas, messages, and images.

How You Will Gain From This Workshop

In this workshop, you will master the fundamentals of:

  1. Blogging (How to become #1 on Google for your specific niche, all ‘organically’). The true insights to Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the common pitfalls and mistakes beginner bloggers make.
  2. YouTube: How to build an audience and following on YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine). How to build trust and intimacy with your followers. The importance of being your un-diluted self.
  3. Entrepreneurial Thinking: Entrepreneurship as a mode of thinking and as an approach to life. Learning how to think like an entrepreneur; to conquer risk-aversion, and also pragmatic techniques how to think ‘outside of the box’.
  4. Philosophical: Why do you want to market yourself– toward what ends? The importance of building a legacy, building a name for yourself (your first and last name), as well as the important of your values and personal message.
  5. Fun and Playful: To take life less seriously, but to create and share your message and ideas more of a sense of joy and thanksgiving. The infinite creative spirit and skill of a child.

Re-Sparking Your Creative and Motivational Spirit

You are a creator and innovator, no doubt about it. In this insane COVID-19 world in which we are living in– how can we stay motivated, inspired, and creative?

Marketing is one of the most effective tools.

Truth be told, if I could never share my art works or ideas with others, I wouldn’t do it. Thus we can learn how,

  1. How to spread your personal message, without watering it down for external affirmation
  2. Daily creative exercises which can inspire, motivate and spur you towards creative action
  3. How to create ‘stark differentiation’ between you and the billions of other photographers out there. How you can best advance your creative vision, your artistic style and aesthetic/ethos/approach, and how to make a name for yourself and your artwork.
  4. Discovering your ‘Archimedes Lever’ in life– how you can ‘cross-pollinate’ all of your other skills to best maximize your creative strengths.
  5. Joining a strong community of fellow innovators and creators, for us to help promote and advance one another!

Invest in Yourself

What is the best return? Yourself. Any dollar or time you spend on yourself is the best. Your personal education and erudition will continue to augment upon itself and build upon itself, and stick with you for your whole life. Education is the ultimate investment in yourself.

100% Money-Back Guarantee (Skin in the Game)

I am so confident that this workshop will inspire you, motivate you, and help give you the pragmatic and philosophical tools to help you thrive as a visual artist/entrepreneur that I offer an unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee. After attending this workshop, if you feel you didn’t truly get your money’s worth, please email my workshops manager Neil at (let us know your disappointment) and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Or another option, we can give you future credit towards a future workshop, or figure out something else to help you thrive.

Truth be told, the only reason I do these workshops is because I feel I have a great storehouse of knowledge (based on my personal trial-and-error and over the decade+ I’ve been in the online photography game) that I desire to share with you. This workshop is a massive investment in you, and I want to make sure you get the maximal personal experience.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity; Secure Your Spot Now!

This workshop is limited to only 12 motivated individuals who desire to transform the way they approach photography, marketing, and entrepreneurship. This workshop ain’t for everyone; just for you.

  • Investment: 1500 USD (990 Early-Bird Discount if You Submit Your Full Tuition before November 21st, 2020).

You can secure your spot for this unique workshop below via the ‘Smart Payment’ portal below (accepts PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card/Debit Card):

If you are having problems with the portal, you can submit your tuition directly here or via the Buy it Now PayPal Button below:

The Format of the Workshop

The format of the workshop will be optimized to help you become a ‘full stack’ visual entrepreneur. Focused on:

  1. Marketing and branding yourself
  2. How to effectively blog and rise to the ranks to become #1 on Google
  3. The delicate balance of injecting your personality into things without ‘selling out’
  4. Entrepreneurial thinking; you don’t need to make money from your photography, but we will learn pragmatic strategies if you desire to make your photography your ‘side hustle’
  5. How to conquer ‘paralysis by analysis’ and how to overcome risk-aversion with putting yourself out there, and making a name for yourself.

Returning Students and Student Discounts

If you’re a returning student or seeking an educational discount, please contact my workshops manager Neil at for your special tuition rate.

How Do I Know if This Workshop is Right for Me or Not?

This workshop is right for you if:

  1. You desire to learn pragmatic and philosophical tools to stand out as a visual entrepreneur, photographer, and creator.
  2. You are sick of social media, and want more ‘evergreen’ approaches to build your own photographic empire
  3. You desire focused time to truly reflect and think on your photography, what you want from it, and how to best and most effectively reach your creative goals.
  4. You desire some encouragement and direction-setting with your creative vision, and also desire to join a community of like-minded thinkers and innovators.
  5. You want that creative stimulus to kick yourself out of that creative slump you are experiencing, and re-inject new enthusiasm and spirit into your photography!

But What if I Don’t Want to Market Myself?

Marketing just means to share yourself. To share your vision, ideas, and art work. This workshop will not force you to forcefully market yourself to others. Rather, we will adopt a more ‘soft’ marketing approach which gives maximal wings and lift to your personal strengths, while giving you that motivational push to take you to the next level.

You don’t need to monetize your photography. If photography is just your passion and you make money with your day job, that is totally fine. But as a creator, photographer, and visual artist… don’t you want to learn how to best share your work with others?


You Only Live Once; Secure Your Spot Now!

Tuition: 1500 USD (990 USD early-bird discount if you submit your tuition before Saturday, November 21st, 2020). You can secure your spot here or via the Buy Now button below:

For any other questions regarding this workshop (or regarding invoices for business expenses, etc), please email my workshops manager Neil at

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