Coffee drop


In modern society, it all comes down to the visual:

More faith in our eyes than faith in words

  • Coffee drop

The more I think about it, modern society is dominated by the visual:

  1. The visual aesthetics of how our cars look and are designed. Let us not be fooled — nobody buys a car for the “performance”— we buy it for the aesthetics, the look, design, and the *notion* of it.
  2. The devices we use; Steve Jobs was a genius in knowing that we want beautiful objects which we use on a daily basis. Life is too short — why surround ourselves with ugly objects tools and things which depress us— why not have beautiful things and objects which uplift and inspire us?

All modern technologies tend towards the visual

New VR technologies — the hijacking of *both* your eye balls. VR as mostly a visual immersion experience.

Visual sublime

Beyond just the mere visual, then we as visual artists come into play. We use the camera (or any visual crafting tool) to make and create visual images which we consider beautiful and sublime.

Now what is sublime? Of course this is highly subjective. For me, it seems like a combination of light, composition, subject matter, ability to surprise yourself, and unexpected compositions.

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