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In Praise of Owning Two Laptops

If you really desire to be more productive, get more stuff done, and also explore more creative outlets (let us say boot camp x Oculus Rift S for virtual reality in Windows 10), having two laptops (more than one) seems best.

Why? Some thoughts:

Phones are overrated, laptops are underrated

My thought:

If you want to truly harness the fullest extent of digital technologies … you cannot pigeon-hole yourself in just one operating system, platform, or ecosystem.

For example, it seems that the future developers and creators need to embrace it all:

  1. Windows *AND* MacOS
  2. Chrome *AND* Safari
  3. Android *AND* iPhone

Why have both?

Don’t be suckered. The barbell or hybrid model work best. Don’t be a sucker and trap yourself into any one platform. You can use it all, and do it all!

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