Life Share

A new thought and social innovation idea:

We do home share (Airbnb) we do car share (Uber); why not life share?

Ownership is a trap

Why so much focus or emphasis on “ownership”? To me, owning stuff isn’t really a big deal. In fact often ownership holds me back.

Also for many other people; they want to travel and see the world and stuff like that yet their home and possessions become a trap for themselves.

What is “life share”?

My general idea:

Share a living quarter or home in such a way that when one person is off at work, you can occupy the home and use and utilize it. All members of the family unit contribute to the home, house hold duties etc, as well as clean, cook, go grocery shopping and enjoy all of the upsides of having a home together.

For example it never made much sense to me of the following:

If you own a home and you’re off at work, your home isn’t being utilized 90% of the day. It lies vacant and under-utilized.

However if you had a good friend or someone you knew and trusted to utilize your home space while you’re off at work, traveling etc… the home becomes more utilized. You feel good because you feel like you’re getting more “bang for the buck”.

The downside of having extra bedrooms

When Cindy and I were living in Berkeley and paying $2400 a month in rent for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment, the thought was this:

Wow it will be so nice to have an extra bedroom to use as a potential guest bedroom when friends and visitors come to stay with us.

But in fact the bedroom became a nuisance. We vastly over predicted how many friends would come visit and stay the night and thus as a consequence the second bedroom lay dormant, “wasting money”. Even trying to later try renting out the bedroom to another UC Berkeley graduate student was a pain in the ass.

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