Why California is Overrated

  1. Beaches in California suck because it is soooo over crowded and impossible to find parking.
  2. Traffic in California (both norcal and socal) is insanely horrible.
  3. People in Bay Area tend to be close minded (“woke” and intolerant liberals on the left). Southern Californians are actually more open minded and tolerant (leave me alone, and you leave me alone), but anything outside of Downtown LA seems like a suburban nightmare.
  4. Socal is too consumerist and shallow minded. Too much fakeness; guys juiced on steroids and women with too much unnecessary cosmetic modifications.
  5. Norcal as too boring and monocultural. Everyone either wears Patagonia or North Face. Absence of style and fashion. Caveat: Los Angeles has great style (especially Downtown LA); far superior to even New York and London.
  6. Car slavery: Socal life (beyond downtown LA) is car dependent. Norcal is also mostly car dependent (unless you live in SF). Also too much of externalizing one’s ego and self worth to one’s automobile.
  7. Beyond Los Angeles; nobody really speaks their true uncensored mind and opinion. Orange County as far too conservative and narrow minded. Bay Area is liberally narrow minded.
  8. Bay Area weather is too cold and wet. Southern California is too sunny and hot. Lack of seasons sucks. East Coast (New England) as great for the distinct 4 seasons. I feel everyone in Southern California (in terms of weather) is constantly a 6.5/10 in terms of happiness. Bay Area people are probably on average a 5/10 happiness scale (love to complain about rent being too expensive). San Jose and Silicon Valley folks probably a 7/10 happiness; irregardless of how rich or poor. San Jose and Palo Alto is nice but just really boring and unusually expensive. Nobody wants to live in San Jose. Palo Alto is very nice (folks who live there are probably on average much happier at 8/10 happiness). However I find Providence, Rhode Island a perfect 10/10.
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