Inferiority Complex or Superiority Complex?

A realization:

Those with an inferiority complex can never understand those with a superiority complex. Why? The individual with an inferiority complex will always see those with a superiority complex with suspicious eyes. And the individual with a superiority complex doesn’t even care or notice for the petty envious individual with the inferiority complex.

I think this is why people see Trump as such a bizarre individual. Most journalists, intellectuals, scholars and professors have an inferiority complex (they were bullied as children or ostracized by society) and tend to see Trump as pseudo-Hitler 2.0 (obviously not as evil, but almost as bad).

If you dig deeply enough into artists, you will be able to put them in two buckets. And if an individual has been raised and bred with an inferiority complex, he will never be able to transform himself into an individual with a superiority complex, no matter how hard he tries.

How do we know?

For example Kanye has a very deep inferiority complex. He is quite short (only 5 foot 8, probably more 5 foot 7)— about the same height as Eminem. Eminem also has a deep inferiority complex, as he was bullied a lot growing up.

However let us take a look at JAY Z. He has a superiority complex. Jay Z is quite tall (6 foot 2 inches). Certainly his height and stature hasn’t made him feel small (literally). And if you study all his works, he has no ounce of insecurity in himself. His bigger frustration is dealing with back stabbers and those individuals with no respect. Kanye on the other hand is trying to “prove himself” to the world. But perhaps the best position isn’t the psychological desire or need to “prove” oneself, but simply to assert oneself.