Should I Go to College?


Is college “worth it” and in today’s brave new COVID world, is it even worth going to college?

Depends. This is my thought:

  1. Don’t go to college if you’re gonna go into (any) debt.
  2. Go to college if you’re in poverty and want to climb the socio-economic ladder (study computer science).

But the most important question:

Why college? What do I personally want from it? Job training? Wisdom augmentation? Meeting new people? Expanding my mind and social network? A future mate?

What I gained from college

Simple things:

  1. I met my future wife (Cindy)
  2. I met one of my best friends (random freshman roommate, Kevin).
  3. I had the opportunity to create the UCLA Photo Club.
  4. Studying sociology at UCLA gave me the chance to “unlearn” much of the BS I learned as a kid growing up to mainstream media.
passsion-eric kim
Written in college. On pursuing your passion. Written around 2010 (my senior year in college at UCLA).

I wrote:

“Pursue what you are truly passionate about, not just what makes a lot of money or sounds practical. College is not job training, it is life training”.

Also.. in praise of becoming a critical and independent thinker.

When you fail to pursue your passion, you fail to even exist.