Designers, Creators and Makers Shall Inherit the Future

A bad trend in design:

You cannot open it, you cannot fuck with it, you cannot fix it (yourself), you cannot modify or change it.

This is due to the genius and tyranny of Steve Jobs (much to the distress of Steve Wozniak). Wozniak wanted to create Apple devices which could be changed, modified, and expanded. Steve Jobs didn’t. The philosophy of Steve Jobs:

The users are stupid and will fuck things up.

Now Steve Jobs is partially right. There are a lot of people like your mom and my mom that just want something “that works”. But perhaps for other people like me and you (we have the hacker ethos) — we would faaaar prefer having ultimate control, flexibility, modificability, and the ability to hack, change, modify, and add (or remove) to things! Perhaps this is a reason I don’t want a Tesla:

With a Tesla, you cannot modify and change it.

The Tesla is certainly a work of art. But would you rather buy a work of art, or create YOUR OWN work of art? I’d choose the latter. This is why social media is also lame:

On Facebook, Instagram, etc … you cannot change and modify your profile and account the way *YOU* want it to be. You can change basic stuff like your profile picture or whatever … but that’s insanely basic and boring.